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October 9, 2012

PaczekCom: Over #Iceland.

PaczekCom: Over #Iceland. http://t.co/elclABfl

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  1. PaczekCom: Over #Iceland. http://t.co/elclABfl (October 9, 2012) >>
  2. PaczekCom: Like hell I do miss #Iceland. http://t.co/prOZQoR1 (October 9, 2012) >>
  3. PaczekCom: the morning spring/the splendour of the sky/they don't need your warm breath/they are there to say: no one will console you #ZbigniewHerbert (October 8, 2012) >>
  4. PaczekCom: @missmunsey You're welcome. I got soaking wet that day & destroyed my shoes. #Iceland is a merciless beauty. More pictures to come. (October 8, 2012) >>
  5. PaczekCom: My sun shall rise in the east So shall my heart be at peace http://t.co/UixW2OFa (October 8, 2012) >>
  6. PaczekCom: RT @MensHumor: "I'm voting Republican, The Democrats left a Bad taste in my mouth." -Monica Lewinsky (October 8, 2012) >>
  7. PaczekCom: Yesterday with a rainbow. #Iceland. Looks Like #Kubrick might have shot #2001 out there. http://t.co/msggllIF (October 8, 2012) >>
  8. PaczekCom: Saw #Prometheus onboard and found it #Lem'ish. Average film. The ending reminds me of #PeterJackson's #BadTaste rather than a serious movie. (October 8, 2012) >>
  9. PaczekCom: #Icelandair has the most overcrowded lounges I've seen. (October 8, 2012) >>
  10. PaczekCom: Saw the Nortern Lights. My #Iceland adventure is complete. Bye #Reykjavik. (October 8, 2012) >>

Jakub Pączek aka paczek

Poland, Warszawa vs. Kraków
I'm a graduate of the film directing on the so-called Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School on Silesian University in Katowice, Poland. I've participated in the Breaking Shorts Campus 2009 NL and in the Screenwriting Lab 2009 PL as well as in FSO 2011 and 2012.

I've made plenty of student shorts, most of which I also wrote, and won some awards for them.

Right now I'm preparing my 30-minute movie entitled "128th Rat".
My private WWW site: www.paczek.com