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April 3, 2013


Ice challenge

Stereoscopic post-production on The Foundry Nuke

“Breaking the Fall” was shot in September 2012 in Gdansk, Poland. There were 12 people in camera department, some of them are veterans of stereoscopic features (stereographer Andrzej Waluk, DIT Robert Chacinski, camera operator Andrzej Cichocki and 1st AC Jan Sadowski). For the rest of the department it was a first contact with 3D technology. 2st AC Jan Seweryn and 3 other camera operators (Cezary Stolecki, Adam Kłosiński and Grzegorz Myjkowski) fit to complicated technical restrictions really quick, so we made our schedule.

We manage to shoot 3 rigs simultaneously, to save time and to have better coverage. It was especially important for an ice skater, Olga Szelc, who had to perform exhausting jumps and even painful drops.
Our camera package contained 2 Red One MX, 2 Sony HDC-P1 and 2 GoPro Hero 2. Most of the time Red rig was shooting on higher framerates, 50 or 100 fps (I would love to go even slower!) depending on a shot, while HDC-P1 made “standard” 25 fps coverage with additional angles. GoPro Hero was handheld operated by Grzegorz Myjkowski, whose rare ability of ice-skating was crucial for the concept. Finally we end-up with some grainy and very dynamic shots, which became keystones mixed together with elegant slowmotion footage.

Post-production was a very time-consuming process. For each step appropriate software was used:
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Speedgrade and The Foundry Nuke served as main tools. The goal was to match up-to-date stereoscopic post-production standards, including sophisticated operations on Ocula 3 plug-ins. Attached screenshot presents complicated post-production process individually adjusted for each take. Stereoscopic post-production was co-financed by Pomerania region (Województwo Pomorskie).

Film is going to be released at the beginning of May on Vimeo, in both 2D and 3D over-under versions.

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