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July 10, 2012

Cinema and Poetic Imagery

Inspiration quotes from The Architecture of Image - existential space in cinema - by Juhani Pallasmaa

“Cinematic architecture evokes and sustains specific mental states; the architecture of film is an architecture of terror, anguish, suspense, boredom, alienation, melancholy, happiness or ecstasy, depending on the essence of the particular cinematic narrative and the director's intention. Space and architectural imagery are the amplifiers of specific emotions.”

architecture of imagery expressed in films: “ I am interested in the ways cinema constructs space in the mind, creates mind- spaces, thus reflecting the inherent ephemeral architecture of the human mind, though and emotions. The mental task of buildings and cities is to structure our being –in the- world and to articulate the surface between the experiencing self and the world.

architecture and cinema: “Both art forms define frames of life, situations of human interactions and horizons of understanding the world .”

“The city is a phenomenon that exceeds all our capacity of description, representation and recording and, consequently, it is always experimentally infinite”.

“ Experiencing a space is a dialogue, a kind of exchange- I place myself in the space and the space settles in me. This identification of physical and mental space is intuitively grasped by writers and film directors.”

“ Architecture gives the cinematic episode its ambience, and the meanings of the event are projected on architecture

“ A useful building addresses our reason, whereas a ruined building awakens our imagination and unconscious fantasies.”

“A filmmaker, consequently, often recognizes the mental ground of architectural impact more subtly than an architect. Even such an insignificant element of architecture as a cupboard, drawer or a key, can obtain an architectural and epic scope in cinema. “

“ The architecture of cinema utilizes the entire range of emotions, and the touching architecture of Tarkovski’s films, for instance, could encourage architects to expand the emotional contents of their spaces, designed to be actually dwelled and lived in. “

“ The artistic value of great architecture is not in its material existence but the images and emotions that it evokes in the observer.”

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Sayat Nova - Colour of Pomegranates by Serguei Paradjanov

One of the most famous scenes from the Stalker movie by Andriej Tarkovsky


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