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July 10, 2012


Finland , 2009, 16’
HANASAARI A is an experimental documentary about Helsinki's changing cityscape and the final moments of a coal-fired power plant. The old industrial milieu is being destroyed to make space for modern housing units. The film is a combination of animation, live action cinematography and graphic elements. It is based on 500,000 photographs taken during the final two years of power plant's existence.

Hanasaari A (teaser) // BIEFF 2011 from BIEFF on Vimeo.

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"Filmmaking should just remain a way of life sometimes, like taking a walk, reading a newspaper, eating, writing notes, driving a car or shooting this film here, for instance, made from day to day, carried along by nothing other than its curiosity -- a notebook on cities and clothes." Wim Wenders


if I could design time...

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check on YOUTUBE! The Secret Life Of Buildings | Grey Matter | Channel 4

Tom Dyckhoff explores the impact the design of buildings can have on us, from our identity and self-esteem to relationships, our chances at school, and even our weight and immune system.

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