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July 10, 2012


INSITU is an interactive film about artistic interventions in the public spaces in Europe. The art and the urban, today.

Trailer from the interactive film INSITU by Antoine Viviani.

INSITU - international trailer from PROVIDENCES on Vimeo.
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“The city is a phenomenon that exceeds all our capacity of description, representation and recording and, consequently, it is always experientally infinite”. Juhani Pallasmaa

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Temporary, monumental, minuscule, invisible, magic, secret, subversive, purely visual performances, experiences or actions, memories, theories, dreams, utopias, new practices of the city, open to any art form or expression, but alway localized, in situ, on a particular place.
Place new points, every time with an image or a video (add some text if you want). Let's draw together the map of a new urban space in Europe.

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