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October 19, 2010


After The Battle

Picture by Piotr Bukojemski

The story is about one of the greatest wars in history that has stopped Lenin’s communistic expansion all over the Europe. Jan, main character (played by Borys Szyc) is a Polish soldier unjustly accused of betraying his country. He is involved in tragical war events between two antagonistic armies, but desperated to proof his innocence, while his lover Ola (played by Natasza Urbańska) is going to join the army to look for him.

Action of ‘Battle of Warsaw 1920’ was being captured by 6 3D-rigs (4 mirror-rigs and 2 side-by-side) with Sony HDC-P1 (model that had been used f.ex. in RPA, during World Cup), Sony PWM-EX3 and Panasonic AG-HMR10. Phantom HD was used occassionaly for significant battle sequences. Up to 13 cameras were running most of the time.

The visual value of the feature is undoubtedly enhanced by experimental handheld use of rigs with flexible Panasonic cameras during the shooting. Every day Panasonic rigs were set up with different ‘bases’. Base delimits possibilities of framing, f. ex. with base such as big as 5 cm you cannot film objects that appears closer than 1,1-1,5 m to a camera. While one rig was calibrated for 1,5m and further distance, the other was prepared for about 0,5 m close-ups. And the third one – also with a smaller base, but with a tighter zoom factor.

Picture by Wojciech Glinka

Our goal was to be able to freely rotate the rig by 360 degree, filming upside down, running or jumping with it – and so we did.

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