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May 29, 2011


Sounds from the Universe

Torun, Poland

Any other science use as complex network system as radioastronomy.
Several radio telescopes focus on same point on the sky, while every second gigabytes of recorded data comes to the data centre in Neatherland from all over the world.

This will be an experimental documentary. To present enormous scale of those constructions, we decide to film in 3D technology, using a mirror rig with two cameras recording 1080p. Flexible on-set preview is applied to check 3D geometry before every set-up. Most of the time we film using 17 mm lenses (for APS-C sensor), what we find barely wide enought to cover such a hugh construction like the one in Poland.

Every morning dailes are presented in anaglyph mode in 'stereoscopic player'. Universe appears to be a flat black cover with tiny shining dots, however it’s scale is intimidating.
Our goal is to give a sense of space of the Space.

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