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Film Editors forum dyskusyjne

If you feel like sharing your problems with other Film Editors, discussing new books and film editing software, seeking expert advice, the Film Editors' Forum is the place for you. We will include the most interesting exchanges, especially discussions of the future and prospects of your profession, of things that need to be changed, in our Current News bulletin.

  • FSO12
    hey to all who will be at FSO12 post something or ask that i invite you to my pre chat room of FSO12 then there we can talk about scripts

    hey hey hey ..... People we all do there a movie together a interactive one when we dont know what the other groups are shooting it could be a super mess .... so lets talk about tune our scripts that it will work at FSO12 and that the result is mind blowing ....

    importnat are actors ... editors for dailies ... that we see how it work ... if there moments which are super overlapping maybe we cinematographers can give material for other groups as well .... but for this we all should speak about how are the different styles ... the colors ... and so on ... there is this big concert .... what kind of technik will be there ... what will be needed .... do we do crazy stuff ... what i like ;) .... so people ... friends ... filmspringers lets start to talk about ..... FSO12 .... i setup this page from now on to the event as my startup page of browser .... do the same ... that we see the developments ... lets stay in touch and work ...

    we all have resources what maybe is needed to creat more creative results ... lets organize a privat resources list who will add what .... who has a car .... who is comeing from where ... and could load stuff of other groups as well ... where are u asking for support ... is there someone how has ideas to car / truck support ... maybe we ask all together a big car rental ... from different country and so it could be a interesting thing for them to support FSO when the people come from around europe ... it is marketing for them and we get trucks for our stuff .... we need to combine our power ...

    the people who are like me still at school should ask there schools for support .... equipment ... beamer ... cameras ... filters ... tripods ....editing computers ... everything ... if we get a truck support around europe ... and we all can bring stuff it will be more effektive we have to work there 24/7 and with the help off all there will be no cues infront of editing machines and so on ...
    January 7, 2012
  • Re: FSO12
    Check my new post -
    July 11, 2017
  • Re: FSO12
    Love this post -
    July 14, 2017

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