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Steven Gladstone

Steven Gladstone aka Veenotph

United States, Brooklyn
I'm a New York-based DoP who has shot numerous commercials, music videos, short films, and feature films. I have worked as a camera assistant, gaffer, and cameraman over 18 years in the industry. I have a Masters degree in Communication Arts. Weirdest thing I ever had to do on set was fix a Vespa we had borrowed for a film I was the D.P. on. The gas line inside the carbuerater enclosure came loose flooding the carbuerater, stalling the Vespa. I'd never seen the inside of a Vespa before - oddly designed, but very cute.

What irritates me most is bad production, when people are brought in to fill roles, and aren't interested in their job, or the producer puts us behind schedule because they plan really poorly - like first grabbing everyone into one vehicle, and then going to pick up the gear. Penny wise - Pound Foolish - I hate that.
My private WWW site: http://www.gladstonefilms.com


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