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Jennifer Guenther

Jennifer Guenther aka Jenn

Germany, Cologne
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I'm a young cinematographer. I have shot 2 long feature films and a lot of short films, but all of them low-budget...they came to life because people where enthousiastic about it and found other people that supported the idea...sometimes people could even be paid a bit, sometimes not, but that's not the point. What I really like about it is, that you can work together with the people you like and create something with them. In the real filmmaking world it' all about money, being fast and doing something that works for sure...and out comes a lot of uninteresting stuff... But never the less, a job is there for earning money, and so everybody has to do something like this some time...but the enthousiasm about the whole filmmaking thing is because of these other projects...it would be great to find a way to combine this one day

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