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Italy, florence
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Film and TVC Commericial Director, scriptwriter, based in Italy, with more than 15 years of experience, I can work everywhere
LAND PHONE & FAX: +39-055-368497
MOBILE: +39-330-998050
E_MAIL: stefano-pratesi@libero.it

On line commercials and fiction at:

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http//www.mediaset.it/corporate/televisione/Italia/re ti/programmi/carabinieri_7_it.shtml

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Education - specialization:
High school diploma, English master.
Production Master’s degree, ANICA 1996.
Laboratory of Creative Writing 1981
Commercials on set: from production assistant to executive producer for FilmMaster Clip Bologna and Bologna AXT 1997- 1999, for national and international advertising film; directing: from first ad to director.
Film on set: from first Ad to Director.
Speak languages: Italian, English, Spanish (lower)

2007: ASTI CANTI CHAMPAGNE, 30’’-15’’, Insekt Italia, credits: director
2006: KINGSLAK MILK AND CEREAL, 30”-15”, Carlo Production Bucarest, credits: director
2005: MONICA BETTONI TOWN MAYOR, 30’’, Insekt Italia, credits: director
2004: MOKADOR, 30’’, Insekt Italia, credits: director
2002: CHAMPAGNE S.ORSOLA, Insekt Italia, credits: director
AMOBROGIO IL RASAERBA, Insekt Itala, credits: director
2001: COLORERIA ITALIANA LANA E SETA, 30’’, Rosanna & Associati, credits: director
KINDER FERRERO THEATRE, 15’, Filmaster, credits: director
KINDER FERRERO TRAFIC LIGHTS 15’’, Filmaster, credits: director
SEGAFREDO CAFÉ, 30’’, Filmaster, credits: director
2000: PERIGUINA EMOTIONS, Filmaster, credits: director
1999: CITO FITO, 30’’, Rosanna & Associati, credits: first Ad
FERRARI - TIC TAC FERRERO, 15’’ – 30’’, Film Master, credits: first Ad
LECH BEER, 30’’ - 1’, Orlando Film, credits: first Ad
1998: MULLER MILK, 15’’-30’’, Final Touch Germany, credits: first Ad
TIC TAC FERRERO, 15’’-3’’’, credits: first Ad
MENTADENT, 30’’, credits: second Ad
FERRERO - FERRARI F 1, 15’’-30’’-1’, Mugello Autodrome – credits: second Ad
CNA, 30’’, credits: second Ad
1997: VOLVO ITALIA, Studio Natali, credits: director
PRIMIGI PERUGIA, Studio Natali, 15’’-30’’-1’, credits: director
CREDIT BANK OF BRESCIA (CAB), 1’, Studio Natali, credits: director
1996: ACQUA CINTOIA, Studio Natali, credits: director
AMARO AVERNA, Studio Natali, credits: director

2001: NEMMENO IN UN SOGNO (Not even in a dream) directed by Gianluca Greco, RAI cinema e Matteo Levi production, with Martina Stella, Hakan Olgokru, Luigi Battiston credits: first Ad
1998 : UP AT THE VILLA regia Philip Hass, Sidney Pollack and Intermedia Film UATV Ltd London Production, with Sean Penn, Ann Bancroft, Mel Brooks, Cristine Scott Thomas, Jeremy Davis, Massimo Ghini, Lorenza Indovina, James Fox, credits: first Ad

2005 – 2006: CARABINIERI 5 and CARABINIERI 6, Fiction Series episodes, FIDIA FILM Production, Mediaset Canale 5, credits: Acting Coach, Second Unit Director.
2000- 2001: LE RAGIONI DEL CUORE, Fiction Series episodes, Immagine & Cinema and RAI Production, credits: First Ad and Director for one episode.
- IL GRUPPO, pilot TV series, Immagine & Cinema and Mediaset production, directed by Anna di Francisca, credits: first Ad
1999: UN COLPO AL CUORE, Rai Uno and Mastro Film RAI production, directed by Alessandro Benvenuti, credits: first Ad

1999: QUANTI LUPI HAI? (How many wolves do you have?), 35mm. b&w. showed for the opening night of Florence film festival 2000 credits: director and script writer.
1997: CARTOLINE (Postcards) 35mm. Color, credits: script writer and Director, with the Italian actors: Bettina Giovannini, Riccardo Polizzy, Antonio Manzini, Paolo Giovannucci, Daniel Stambach, Michele Calabrò. Assistance Director Guido Cacialli, photography Marco Tani, live sound Lello Rotolo, lirics Saverio Lanza. Credits: director. Public Award at Siena International short film festival; Best short film at international section of 50th Salerno International Short Film Festival; mentioned in S. Petersburg Short Film Festival "Message To Men '98", Best film in Versiliana Camaiore 98. credits: director and script writer.
1995: RICORDI ("Memories"); black and white and colour, format Betacam sp (5'40"), credits: Script writer and Director. Nomination for Italian Independent Film Festival Bellaria Igea Maria 96', Rimini Cinema ‘96; 5 th Festival N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, New York 95', Italian House Zerilli Marimò; Estate Tuscolana ‘96, Frascati, Rome; Unleshed Show, California ‘96; credits: director and script writer.
1994: SHOT; black and white, format 16mm. (9'); credits: script writer and Director. selled copyright for Italy by RAI SAT, Stream Cable TV, Mediaset; nomination Cathodica Film Festival, Rome 94; nomination for Anteprima, Indipendent Film Festival Bellaria 95'; 5 th Festival N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, New York 95', Italian House Zerilli Marimò, Estate Tuscolana ‘96, Frascati, Rome, Unleshed Show, California ‘96; credits: director and script writer.
L’ACCENDINO ("The lighter"); colour format VHS (30"), credits: script writer and Director. Palermo Cinema 94' Film Festival. credits: director and script writer.

1978: LIFE RISES AGAING FROM TRUCK LAGOON. Direction of the on land and underwater documentary film (Pacific Ocean); colour, format 16mm. (40') credits: director and script writer.
1977: READ SEA. Direction of the tourist documentary for the reopening of Suez Canal; colour, format 16mm. (35') credits: director and script writer.
1976: THE ISLAND OF LAMPEDUSA, Mediterrean Sea. (Sicily); colour, format 16mm. (30') credits: director and script writer.
1974: THE COUNTRY OF LOBSTER. Direction of the scientific documentary (Tunisia); colour, 16mm (30') credits: director and script writer.
1971: RAI production: direction of underwater film taking about the place on the cockpit of a Hercules C130, which sank near the island of Meloria (Livorno); colour, format 16mm. (7')

Screenplays writing:
2007: IN VINO VERITAS, 17° episode, Fiction series “Carabinieri 7”, Fidia Film Production, Mediaset Canale 5

2007: DNA, DUE NUOVI ARRIVI (DNA, two new arrivals) comedy. “Three awkward researchers clone an embryo. Nine month after, two children born, and they will meet themselves only when they will be on love with the same woman”.
THE FORTUNE IS A WOMAN “Niccolò Macchiavelli’s life” The Fountain of Love Production, London
2006: THE GATES OF LIGTH, fantasy history “mathematician Pitagora’s life” The Fountain of Love Production, London.
THE BOOK OF LIFE, fantasy, “ a saga from 1880 Prague to 2007 Europe and USA”, The Fountain of Love Production, London.
DANTE, AN UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE “Dante Alighieri’s life”, The Fountain of Love Production, London.
2005: LOVE & VIRTUE, fantasy history “Orlando e Ciarle Magne’s lifes: courage, honor, friendship, betrayal and love” directed by Raoul Rouize, cast: DAMIAN LEWIS, VIRGINIE LEDOYEN, JOHN MALKOVICH, PETER O’TOOLE, SAFFRON BURROWS, STEPHEN DILLANE, VINCENT PEREZ, DARRYL HANNAH, MICHAEL MADSEN and ANNA MASSEY. Mias Sperber and Fountain of Love Production, London, co-producers Jimmy de Brabant, Bob Bellion, Arnauld de Battic, Yves Swennen and Kwesi Dickson.
LA FABBRICA DEI SOGNI (The Factory of dreams) comedy; “Do you know what could happen in a small village when a big gold meteorite crashes down into a public garden?”.
2004: CIRCENSI (Circus show people) low budget comedy; “In a Nursing Home five old circensian have found lodge. There were very popular Circus artists but now they are pratically living like social welfare. But one terrible day they discover that the Nursing Home will be solded in fews days…”.
1999: DI LA DAL FIUME (Beyond the river) thriller comedy, Awared by Premio Solinas, “Thing what could happens when a normal employee changes mysteriously his face… What he can do? What he will be obliged to say to her girlfriend and his mother? And in which way he will discover who he is now?”.
1998: PIETRA SERENA, “the brother life and sister’ life from their childhood to their adult age in their imaginary and day-dreams hilly Tuscan”.

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