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Angel Granados

Angel Granados aka Angelo

United States, San Diego
Ángel Granados’ approach to filmmaking emulates the work of the great Mexican muralists - Rivera, Orozco, Siquieros. He draws inspiration from their desires to display visual art in spaces more inviting to the public than the art gallery. As a director and cinematographer, he maintains his vision as an artist first allowing the craft and technical aspects of the media to follow and serve the concept.

Granados’ artistic vision is greatly influenced by his diverse background. His film career began when he worked as a freelance art photographer and photojournalist for the San Antonio Ranger newspaper. His interest in social issues and growing body of compelling photographic work quickly propelled him into the creative class of the Austin film scene.

Spanish, Irish, and Maya ethnic heritages allow him to examine most mainstream themes from an alternative and global perspective. The fusion of these worlds makes Granados an eclectic and versatile director and cinematographer.
My private WWW site: www.GranadosMedia.com


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