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Collette Creary-Myers

Collette Creary-Myers

United Kingdom, London
Multimedia Artist - Film, Digital Media, Word and Sound


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  • Greek (elementary)


  • 2006 - Film - Before I could remember - - First light
    This piece is an intricately crafted collage of abstract images. The beautifully shot pictures are poignantly coupled with fairy-tales and nursery rhymes presenting dream-like imagery.
    Role in production: voice-over artist.
  • 2007 - Film - Surveillance System - Peter Ferenci, Martin Kandra, Miles Mitchell - Martin Kandra
    Surveillance System is 2007 pseudo-documentary that explores celebritism and surveillance in cosmopolitan cities. Utilizing a four-way camera system, with multiple view point’s, it analyses the impact of celebrity culture and surveillance; and how these systems interact with one another.
    Role in production: director, cinematographer.
  • 2008 - Film - The Elusive dream - Collette Creary-Myers - Rafal Rakoczy
    The Elusive dream is a 2008 drama adaption of the short story “But Still” by Demian Emil- Sinclair. It stars Andrew Dowson a man obsessed with the concepts of identity and self. The film follows the erratic and often altering nature of his memory, as he comes to terms with what to calls “the problem of time”.
    Role in production: director, scriptwriter.
  • 2009 - Internet - Mirror\\\'s Gaze - Arber Pllana - Richard Simkins
    Mirror\\\'s Gaze is a complex installation with custom-made motion tracking. The installation consists of the birth and death of biomorphic forms in the form of one SWF screen, and a second SWF screen that permits remote manipulation of some parameters that affect the biomorphic forms. Created by Arber Pllana: Coding and interface Richard Simkins: Music and environment Collette Creary-Myers: Art and creature animation
    Role in production: visual effects artist.
  • 2010 - Film - Lewis - Collette Creary-Myers - Helmut Schabschneider
    Lewis is a 2010 psychological horror; starring Helmut Schabschneider as the title character, a reclusive seemly mild-mannered man living in the remote Austrian mountains. Rejecting society Lewis spends his days alone until he meets Jack, the only person he seems to have any interest in. This encounter leads to strange events as it becomes evident that Lewis is not who he seems.
    Role in production: director, cinematographer, editor.
  • 2011 - Internet - The hush, hush project - Anders Øvergaard - Collette Creary-Myers
    The hush, hush project A book without pages - break it a part put it together again; your perception controls the story! Say no more! This is the hush, hush project and we are very excited!
    Role in production: producer, scriptwriter, cinematographer, sound artist.

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