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scott becker

scott becker aka manny

United States, Chicago
I have been writing short screenplays on various political themes and creating 'spur of the moment' Y-tube commentaries from borrowed sources. Still teaching animation and graphics but looking for the right project of my own to dive into a full blown game/movie.


My offer



  • French (intermediate)



  • 1997 - Troyes Pixels - Catacombs of the Mind
    A full length CD interactive that explores various nightmare environments of the id. Grand Prix Award.
  • 2004 - Computer Space 2004 - Anonymous Berlin
    Best Foreign Artist Award

Favorite movies

  1. Treasure of Sierra Madre (1946, John Huston)
    All the classic elements of dialogue, direction and acting are here.
  2. Moby Dick (1956, John Huston)
    The movie transcends genre and star status based on performance.

Favorite film people

  1. Patrick Tatopoulos (Visual Effects Artist)
    I look the look of his work.
  2. jean renoir (Director)
    Great cinematic storytelling.

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