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Yvonne Turner

Yvonne Turner aka twinkle

United Kingdom, Plymouth
Having studied and worked as a musician, photographer, broadcast journalist,and fine artist I have ventured towards my passion for the moving image and am currently studying as a mature film student in Plymouth UK. My ultimate goal is to write and direct as many shorts as I can can and perhaps a feature one day. While I enjoy documentaries I have a passion for drama, black comedy and film noir. My favourite director of the moment is Tarkovsky.



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My offer

  • Apartments
    I have a small 1 bed appartment with a couple of sofas that can be put together for a makeshift bed for 1. You will be surrounded by creativity.
  • Film equipment and services
    All college equipment inc arri SR2 S16 only 1 zoom lense, Bolex H16 S16 plus 17 lenses mags etc, Sony HVRZ1E HDCAM and filters, PD 150, tripods this is not for hire and only comes with college film makers.
  • Transport, campers
    Access to a van and driver for hire at cheep rates
  • Personal offers
    Any help needed in the realms of script, camera or other production roles.
  • Editing equipment + services
    Access to Final cut pro edit suites, ADR small sound booth with 5.1 surround and 22 inch monitor playback system, AKG mics, 24 track sound suite+keyboards but only in term time.
  • Affordable production services
    I go out with camera at £100 per day plus expenses but am willing to offset those costs against returned work so expenses will do in some cases. I'm open to most offers of help on decent and well organised projectsso try me.
  • Computers and graphics software (2D, 3D)
    Toshiba pentium 4, 2.8 ghz + 2 gigs ram, Sony Vegas, Premiere pro, Photoshop
  • Sound postproduction
    ADR small soundbooth (see under editing equipment)
  • Lights and dollies + services
    Variety of blondes,redheads, arri kit,dado kit, indie dolly and tracks+curves, jib, crane(small), fig rig, not for hire only comes with college film makers.
  • Special effects equipment + services
    Large blue screen and studio
  • Sound recording equipment + services
    Marantz solid state 660, variety of mics and booms inc sony radio mics, cardiods, supercardiods,condenser etc.
  • Set design equipment + services
    Lots of tools. Good with graphics and practical skills.
  • Other
    Access to college film makers so there are crews available.

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