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Ingo Monitor

Ingo Monitor aka Ingo

Germany, Köln
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I began my work in the field of filmmaking as an acting student in Los Angeles until I decided to write and direct movies myself. To learn more about visual storytelling, I started working as a photographer and studied photography and experimental video at the University of Arts and Design. I then studied film directing and script writing at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), and just graduated with my final movie Eni, which has been supported by the Filmstiftung NRW.

I love filmmaking because I would like to explore human and universal truths, the magic of things, and emotions. My goal is to find truth and deeper meaning in what I do, and in how I translate what I feel and observe into a film that makes the audience feel and think about what they see in the movie on multiple layers of their selfs. A good movie, to me, is a movie which manages to fuse music, time, movements, personal developments, space, rhythm, actions, emotions, human behavior and human psychology into an EXPERIENCE for the audience. A movie, to me, must be magical. I don't care too much about so called "realistic" storytelling, and I'm worried about the fact that in my country, Germany, most producers and filmmakers try to imitate everyday reality in their movies, which I mostly find to be dry, boring, dull and overly intellectualized.

I try to trust my intuition and I try to always challenge what I do and think filmmaking-wise, for the sake of getting closer to the core truth of the context that I pursue.

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