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Maciej Bochniak

Maciej Bochniak

Poland, Cracow
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Maciej Bochniak – (born in Cracow in 1984) screenwriter (graduate of the Screenwriting Studies in The Lodz Film School), director, photographer, drummer (he graduated from School of Music in Krakow), producer. Impression2Films co-founder, in support of young and independent cinema's. He debuted with a short film "I Love You So Much" (2009), and documentary "Reception" (2011) produced under the "First Film" program in Munk's Studio. Co-author of the feature film "The Room", author of a feature documentary "One Billion Happy People". In addition, the creator of several TV documentaries, music videos, concerts, commercials and feature short and feature-length scripts.
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  • 2009 - Film - I Love You So Much - Maciej Bochniak - Maciej Bochniak
    Role in production: producer, director, scriptwriter.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.i2f.pl.
  • 2011 - Film - The Room - Maciej Bochniak, Sławomir Shuty - Impression2Films s.c.
    A haunted room becomes the subject of a report by a sleepy local television crew. As the crew patiently await the arrival of their guest interviewee, the female house-holder,  boredom takes over & they drift into anarchy.  Without warning the house-holder's dark secret suddenly comes alive with the resulting conflict leading to a macabre and shocking finale.
    Role in production: executive producer, director, editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.impression2films.com. www.i2f.pl.
  • 2011 - Film - Reception - Maciej Bochniak - Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich, Impression2Films s.c.
    One building, many young, „unique” people. They are sending strange rituals away in dimly lit corridors of one stately istitution. They are waiting for their five minutes. These five minutes can change their lives. Who are they and what are they doing here?
    Role in production: executive producer, unit production manager, director, scriptwriter.
    Reviews on the Internet: impression2films.com. www.i2f.pl.

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