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    Help on any films that need an extra hand. Am willing to do just about anything to help. (Weekends only)


  • University of Southern California (USC) (Los Angeles, California) , United States , 2008-2008 , Completed an intense 6-week Directing and Producing Course at the school during the summer. Shot final film at Warner Bros Studios.
  • London Film School , United Kingdom , 2009-2010 , This is not the school I am studying at, it is in fact the Central Film School but it is not listed. I am doing a 1 year Filmmaking Diploma.


  • 2007 - Film - Gateway - Sam Day - Sam Day
    Role in production: producer, director, scriptwriter, cinematographer, editor.
  • 2007 - Music - Big Mistake by Leah Mason - Sam Day - Charlie Hill
    Music Video shot on the top of a building in London and surrounding areas.
    Role in production: director, cinematographer, camera operator, editor.
  • 2008 - Film - The Lovers - Peter Rebane - Blaine Miller
    Final graduation film for summer course at the University of Southern California. Shot at Warner Bros Studios.
    Role in production: editor.
  • 2009 - Film - Elena - Dymock Brett - Rajinder Kochar
    short 12 minute film shot in Ireland. First film of the film school course. Shot on Sony EX3.
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2009 - Film - Loved - Trishul Thejasvi - Rajinder Kochar
    Shot on Super 16mm.
    Role in production: gaffer.

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