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Nikita Leibovici

Nikita Leibovici aka Niky

Austria, Vienna
I am a student from Vienna Austria.
I am generally located in Vienna but due to my frequent traveling I am very flexible when it comes to shooting abroad.

I love to help other people realize their ideas and passions! I generally produce and direct. But if there is anything else I can help out with I can only encourage you to ask me:) I love long night shoots which end at 7 am:)

It irritates me that communicating is so hard and that many young film makers think that they can only succeed if they have a large sack of money. I can assure you that its not like that. I have found the solution!
I would love to help you out and am very happy if you want to help me realize my ideas and dreams.
Thanks to film-spring-open we are one step closer to being a big communicating community. And I hope this will be a success:)
My private WWW site: www.nikyproductions.com


  1. Come to Berlinale (International Film Festival Berlin) in February!
    (December 16, 2009)


My offer


  • English (nativ)
  • German (nativ)
  • Romanian (intermediate)
  • Italian (intermediate)
  • Spanish (intermediate)


  • 2007 - Theater - Chat Room - Nikita Leibovici - Niky Productions
  • 2007 - Theater - blood Brothers - Stuart Mc. Aliistar - Nikita Leiboivic
    Adapted from the Broadway piece "Blood Brothers".
    Role in production: producer, executive producer.
  • 2008 - Film - Colour Blind - Nikita Leibovici - Nikita Leiboivic
    Produced and self Directed for a competition focused on the troubling issue of the destruction of children's creativity.
    Role in production: producer, director, scriptwriter.
  • 2008 - Commercial - Casting Media Market Holiday Commercial - Ulrich Seidl - Jerk Productions
    A commercial released in EU television
  • 2009 - Music - The Pussycat Dolls Premiering 'Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)' Music Video - Thomas Kloss - Vienna: FilmHaus Wien
    Role in production: production assistant.
  • 2009 - Commercial - Kotanyi - - FilmHaus Vienna
    Role in production: production assistant.
  • 2009 - Film - Tomato Love - Nikita Leibovici - Niky Productions
    Post Productions till January 3rd
    Role in production: location manager, director, set designer.
  • 2009 - Commercial - Casting A1 Mobile Commercial - -
    I was casting for a commercial that was shown in national television beside Stephanie Kern (Vienna Casting)
  • 2010 - Music - Music Video Exit to Eden - - Christian Florin

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