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Igor Szulc

Igor Szulc aka Adre`n`Alin

Poland, Warsaw
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Igor Szulc – a singer, a pianist and a music & lyrics writer.

A man with the piano who between its keys intertwines the discreet notes of electronic decadency.
Adre’n’Alin is classics vs. electronics, cosmos vs. atom, adrenaline vs. tranquility, dirt vs. full-cut. The masculine
Adre meets the feminine Alin. They merge.

Igor’s musical journey begins in 2007 with the electro-clash Thing on Sleep Well v.3 compilation by Requiem Records.
But it’s only 2009 when the now known Adre’n’Alin is born – exploring, experimenting and playing with the sound.

The Cargo – a self-released album – is full of non-cliché melodies, original vocal and instruments, and a vast
electronic landscape. It all helped the artist to attract new fans both in the country and abroad.
Cargo is followed by requests for gigs – the live band is now: a string trio and a bass. With such band A’n’A performs
in the best concert halls next to: Bonobo, Port Royal, Baaba Kulka, Muchy, Julia Marcell and on festivals: Heineken
Open’er, Before Tauron Nowa Muzyka, All For planet, Artenalia and We Have Sound.

2010 is a year of the EP The Postman. Igor consequently proves that the marriage of the piano and electronic sounds
is not threatened by a divorce for a long time to come. The EP contains hits like: Prey and You Are the Best.
Monster Tonight is an EP released in 2011. The title song is later released in the Pink Kong Strong 1 compilation by
the Polish label Pink Kong.

Right after the Monster… comes another EP – Helios. Its mission is to prepare everyone for the soon to be released
second long play, this time inspired by the power of electricity both on Earth and in space.

The new material Igor is working on is going to be a bit more harsh than Cargo. It is going to stay in the typical for
him air of electronic poetry, though.
My private WWW site: www.adre-n-alin.com


  1. What's Wrong, , >>
  2. New Land, , >>
  3. Alone, , >>
  4. Spring Coat (She's Coming), , >>

My offer

  • Other
    Compose film music and sounds in post-production.


  • Polish (nativ)
  • English (intermediate)


Favorite film people

  1. Peter Greenaway (Director)
    His movies are like paintings. And of course I like his films because of Michael Nyman music.
  2. Michael Nyman (Composer)
  3. John Adams (Composer)
  4. Luchino Visconti (Director)
  5. Lars von Trier (Director)
  6. Philip Glass (Composer)

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