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Armaan Sahib

Armaan Sahib aka Rify

India, Chennai
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Armaan, born & brought up in southern part of India. Armaan is an aspiriing Actor, having learnt the acting technique through various forum. He spend a year in Munich, primarily spending much of his time with Entity theater group, learning acting and participating in theater workshop. Upon returning from Germany, Armaan spend years in understanding stanlavsaki acting technique, and also understand other American form of acting technique. Currently working on short films, and occasionally featuring in TV Commercial, Armaan is looking forward to get full time assignment in feature films from across the globle.



My offer

  • Personal offers
    i would like to work with like minded people to be part of low budget, independent films
  • Affordable production services
    If you come to India for a shooting, I can assist you in finding a good film unit with affordable cost.



  • Tamil (nativ)
  • English (nativ)
  • Hindi (advanced)
  • German (intermediate)


  • 2005 - Film - Fight for right - Prashanth Jawahar - Zazen studios
    Fight for right is a 15 min short film , is a physcological drama, which deals with a last minute emotion of a suicide bomber, who is over pessimistic about the world , and thinks that suicide bombing is the right thing that he should do, to provoke the world.

Favorite movies

  1. Citizen Kane ( american ) (1941, Orson welles)
    The movie deals with universal theme, that man with how beleives in power is everything in life, get all those powers, but lost himself in life. Citizen kane, explores the greedy,power thirst men,which goes with a mystic word " The rose bud ", which keeps the audiance guessing. The film is also techniqually brilliant
  2. childrens of heaven ( Iranian ) (1997, Abbas Kirsoustami)
    A movie that change my life, in some sense. I take movie very seriously. This movie explores the poverty of human life, which is again a universal theme, this movie is very simple, yet very elegant, lovable, emotional, and deeply thought provoking.simply awsesome film !
  3. Pather panchali (India ) (1955, Satyajit Ray)
    A film by Satyajit ray, indias finest and till date, most renowed film maker. A great thinker, extraordinary visualizer. This film deals with poverthy, and also deals with hope of life. Another master piece from this world class film maker.
  4. The Bands Visit ( Isarel ) (2007, Eran Krolin)
    watched this movie in a television channel very recently. This movie deals with lonliness, thirst for love and affection. The narration and movie is very soothing and simple. This movie is funny, emotional, sometimes serious. It has everything , and yet the theme is universal. A great movie to watch.

Favorite film people

  1. Orson welles (Director)
  2. Charlie Chaplin (Actor)
    This man needs no introduction. Another person, that i deeply respect.
  3. Bruno Ganz (Actor)
    An actor is immensly respect, and in love with. Watch his movie , Der untergang, the last minute of adolf hitler life in bunker. His personna, is simply electrifying. He is one actor i deeply admire for his love for cinema and theater.
  4. Stanley kubrick (Director)
    Another americal director, who spend 30 year, to make just 13 films. every one is master class. There are very few film makers in the world, who spend their whole life for cinema, he is one such person..
  5. Nasserudin Shah (Actor)
    A versatile indian actor, who is such a perfectionist, a highly respected and deeply loved actor by millions in India
  6. Milos Frosman (Director)
    I love this man, for his work for One flew over cuckoos nest..

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