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Paweł Jeleniewski

Paweł Jeleniewski aka pjkorab

Poland, Warsaw
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I am an aspiring filmmaker and filmscore composer. I studied at F.Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.


  1. The Rescue, , >>
  2. Te Ducal Court, , >>
  3. Grotesque, , >>
  4. Russian Waltz, , >>
  5. Andante con dolore, , >>
  6. Morning in the city, , >>
  7. Madness, , >>
  8. Abyss, , >>

My offer



  • Polish (nativ)
  • English (advanced)
  • Russian (elementary)


  • 2007 - Film - Ulica Oczki - Katarzyna Szaulińska -
    Short silent film with the "old piano" music.
    Role in production: composer, music editor.
  • 2008 - Film - Mimo Wszystko - Mateusz Trusewicz -
    Short off film.
    Role in production: composer.
  • 2010 - Film - Bitwa Warszawska 1920 - Jerzy Hoffman -
    Role in production: crowd.
  • 2011 - Television - Instynkt - Patryk Vega -
    Role in production: crowd.
  • 2012 - Film - Nie do przebaczenia - Sylwia Hubczuk -
    etiuda AFiT
    Role in production: composer.
  • 2012 - Film - Układ zamknięty - Ryszard Bugajski -
    Role in production: crowd.
  • 2013 - Film - Nie-myśli - Bianka "Funk" Fórmanowska -
    Etiuda AFiT
    Role in production: actor.
  • 2013 - Film - Akcja 'Znicz' - Paweł Jeleniewski -
    etiuda AFiT
    Role in production: director, actor, composer.
  • 2014 - Film - Wejście - Paweł Jeleniewski -
    etiuda AFiT
    Role in production: director.

Favorite movies

  1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981, Steven Spielberg)
    Movie and hero of my childhood. Perfectly made, occupying from the very beginning to the end. And of course - best music ever!
  2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984, Steven Spielberg)
    See above...
  3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989, Steven Spielberg)
    See above... Also the best movie in the series and probably the best film music of all time.
  4. Star Wars - "old" trilogy (IV - VI) (1977->1980->1983, George Lucas -> Irvin Kerschner -> Richard Marquand)
    The story, the universe.. and of course the music! Also one of the few really convincing love relationships in film history (my personal opinion).
  5. Maltese Falcon (1941, John Huston)
    The story, the mood, the visuals, the music, acting...
  6. Schindler's List (1993, Steven Spielberg)
    Just watch it..
  7. Pulp Fiction (1994, Quentin Tarantino)
    It's just a funhouse. And these dialogues.. hmm...^^
  8. Alien (1979, Ridley Scott)
    The design (sound and visual), story, effects, music..
  9. Angel Heart (1987, Alan Parker)
    Mickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, the story, the mood, music, scenery...
  10. Se7en (1995, David Fincher)
    The craftsmanship, the camera work, the story, the mood, the acting, the music... Everything.
  11. Fight Club (1999, David Fincher)
    The rebelous spirit, the acting, the visuals etc.
  12. Panic Room (2002, David Fincher)
    The acting, the story, the design, camera work, the idea, the mood, lighting, the thrills and emotions...
  13. Road to Perdition (2002, Sam Mendes)
    The visuals alone would be enough to call it a masterpiece. And yet there's also a compelling story, wonderful, tasteful acting and the drama is unbelievably strong...
  14. American Beauty (1999, Sam Mendes)
    Me sitting still with my lower jaw on my lap ten minutes after the end of the credits should be a pretty obvious recommendation...

Favorite film people

  1. John Williams (Composer)
    Probably the best filmscore composer of all time, and certainly the best one alive..
  2. Jerry Goldsmith (Composer)
    Probably the only one to compete with John Williams over being the best filmscore composer of all time..
  3. Bernard Herrmann (Composer)
    The legend of movie soundtracks. And very innovative.
  4. Steven Spielberg (Director)
    Hmm, let's think... :P
  5. Gary Oldman (Actor)
    Special appreciation for Beethoven in "Immortal Beloved". Other than that - just look at any of his roles.
  6. Ian McKellen (Actor)
    Shakespeare, LotR, "Apt Pupil", to name a few...
  7. Johnny Depp (Actor)
    The guy has maybe one imperfect role..
  8. Danny Elfman (Composer)
    Nearly no professional musical training, and yet.. You get what you hear...
  9. Alan Silvestri (Composer)
    Absolutely no musical training, and after a couple of decades he composes (very good stuff), orchestrates and conducts!
  10. Tim Burton (Director)
    The humor, the taste, the imagination, the style, the mix of macabre and fairytale... Also the cooperation with Danny Elfman and Johnny Depp.
  11. Erich Wolfgang Korngold (Composer)
    One of the "founding fathers" of epic film music. Great orchestrator and one of the main inspirations of John Williams or Jerry Goldsmith.
  12. Elliot Goldenthal (Composer)
    The power of his scores is overwhelming. And often one of the most memorable elements of a movie. Take Alien 3, Batman Forever, or Titus for example...
  13. Christopher Walken (Actor)
    Unbelievable versatility and invention. See the making of "Catch Me If You Can" for reference.
  14. Russell Crowe (Actor)
    Pure authenticity in nearly every role..
  15. Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor)
    Very intricate and perfectly executed roles from the very beginning of his career..

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