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Robert Morgenstern

Robert Morgenstern aka rob*

Germany, Berlin
I like to fiddle around with camerastuff, although I'm a film student for directing... I hate the editing caves.... and end up there with every single film for weeks - allways chasing this one moment - if it is a shadow in the actors eyes or the fascinating vibe of light three minutes after sunrise. I'm editing my "second year" film right now and planning the next movie for late summer 2011.

Could still need some hands for:

Cymatic 3D Experiments / Rigging
(3D animation)
& PROPS!!!!!!! we want to create a "steelpunk" atmosphere for the movie


  1. my dreams turn anaglyph....
    (April 2, 2011)
  2. You can run fast and scream blood-curdling or heart-wrenching? We're looking for actors for our horror 3D short. DOP/directors also welcome
    (March 31, 2011 .:. comments)


My offer



  • English (intermediate)
  • French (elementary)


  • 2008 - Video - Land of the painted mountains - Rob Morgenstern -
    Summary A number of questions go through the minds of the Dresden pupils as they fight their way through the impassable terrain of the Canadian wilderness: "What do we do if we meet a hungry grizzly bear? Will we survive… even without toilet paper?" Together with young Gwich'in Native Americans they cross as environmental ambassadors a piece of land that hardly any human has ever set foot in. A warm shower? Facebook? No chance! No settlement, no roads, not even a house within 200 km.
    Role in production: director, cinematographer, assistant editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.wilderness-international.org.
  • 2009 - Video - 1491 - Rob Morgenstern - dffb
    Shortfilm about the strange connection between a berlin bike courier and an ancient mayan priest.
    Role in production: director, editor.
  • 2010 - Television - Helgoland - island in the storm - me :) - NDR
    Documentary about inhabitants and wildlife of an island in the northen sea.
    Role in production: director, cinematographer, editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.helgolandfilm.de.


  • 2010 - Naturvision - Newcomer 2010
  • 2011 - ••••Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival•••• - Marion Zunz Newcomer Award

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