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Alexander Haßkerl

Alexander Haßkerl aka alex

Germany, Berlin
I like to experience with new technologies and try always to find new ways of telling stories.
My next project is planned in 3D and I'm looking forward to create a new way of visual dramaturgy - or at least try it ;)

My offer

  • Apartments
    I have got a small flat, but a big couch: so couchsurfers are very welcome!
  • Affordable production services
    ...if you have got an interesting script and you are looking for a DoP: her I am ;)



  • German (nativ)
  • English (advanced)


  • 2009 - Film - Die große Plai Chumpon Totenparty (The Great Plai Chumpon Death Party) - Valerie Bäuerlein - dffb
    Two generations, loosely linked through the death party for a cat: F. is a musician, solitarily, without a relationship, without contstant employment. His life at a turning point takes place mainly in interiors, facing lost illusions like his failes relationship. In contrast the three teenagers Hunter, Son and Amsel are streaking through the city, still ignoring the borders the adults are trying to settle. Movement, communication and artistic practice are the tools in this fragmentary state description to reassure again and again that one is still alive. 16 min., S16mm
  • 2010 - Film - Jagdgründe (Hunting Grounds) - Jonas Rothlaender - dffb, rbb
    Hans Rasches lifework is destroyed – His small business company is facing insolvency. Escaping from World and Reality he takes off for his hunting hut. At this arrival he is surprised to meet his son Felix, who challenges him as a father. 30 min., S16mm
  • 2010 - Television - Helgoland - Insel im Sturm (Helgoland - Island In The Storm) - Robert Morgenstern - ndr
    Documentary about inhabitants and wildlife of an island in the northen sea.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.helgolandfilm.de.
  • 2010 - Film - Jacqueline am Strand (Jacqueline at the Beach) - Maxim Lebedev - dffb
    A few days at the beach. The last days of a summer vocation. A mother and daughter seeking a reunion. And an unexpected acquaintance. In the following days renewal will be sought: through love, through understanding, through separation, through action. Everything will change, and we must change with it. 20 min., S16mm
  • 2010 - Film - Das Hemd (The Shirt) - Jonas Rothlaender - dffb, arte
    A wedding ceremony. The men's room. Two men squeeze to fit into one of the small booths. Walter (62) and Markus (28), father and son. Markus timidly asks his laid-back father to take off his undershirt that is showing visible under his shirt. "No one wears those anymore." He feels embarrassed for his father. Walter is relaxed and does as Markus asked him to. But when his old father is standing in front of him - half-naked - Markus realises the absurdity of the situation and his own behaviour. 6 Min., Red One

Favorite movies

  1. L'avventura (1960, Michelangelo Antonioni)
    It is amazing how Antonioni and his DoP Aldo Scavarda using the power of the landscape to create an atmosphere of loneliness. Unfortunately you don't see it very often that a director uses the landscape and the surroundings in this intensive way without getting pretentious to tell a story.

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