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Doug Conant

Doug Conant

Using image and sound to explore humanity and tell unique, engaging stories is my driving motivation. To date, it appears that I have been mostly concerned with issues of civil and personal responsibility, the plight of women, and the studies of violence and "true" heroism in our world. I aim for my films to empower, educate, and entertain.
My private WWW site: http://www.group-six.com


  1. The Music Lesson
    (January 21, 2011)
  2. Currently in development on the feature adaptation of the New York Times Notable Book of the Year "The Music Lesson," to be shot in Ireland.
    (January 21, 2011)


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  • English (nativ)


  • 2005 - Film - Broken - Doug Conant - Alex Duenez
    When a young violence counselor's spirit is challenged by a brutally assaulted woman, the situation becomes personal as the line between client and counselor is blurred.
    Role in production: director, scriptwriter.
    Reviews on the Internet: group-six.com.
  • 2008 - Film - Sleeping - Doug Conant - Frank Metayer & Christina Nayve
    Role in production: producer, director, scriptwriter.
    Reviews on the Internet: group-six.com.


  • 2009 - EuroShorts Film Festival - Best Film & Best Director
    Warsaw, Poland

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