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Mikko Levoska

Mikko Levoska aka Uncle M

Finland, Helsinki
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I am a enthusiast visual artist, ready to explore new views to things. I have a strong still photography backgroung, both artistic and commercial stuff. Last 8 years with moving images have convinced me, I am rather a cinematographer.

I've walked a long way from producing pretty pictures to focusing fully on emotion and story telling. Somehow it all still looks good, maybe that's cinema.

Now I'm looking forward to meet other talents at FilmSpring Open 2011. See you in March!
My private WWW site: www.google.co.uk


  1. Is it a wrap already? Nobody told me. Should these rigs and F3s be returned somewhere?
    (April 12, 2011)
  2. It was a hot day, and I totally displaced my sun screen level.
    (March 31, 2011 .:. comments)
  3. We're not in Cannessas anymore. Is it worse to be clever or silent?
    (March 31, 2011)
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