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Friedrich Schönig

Friedrich Schönig aka schoenigfilm

Germany, Berlin
I am a filmmaker, a filmmaker educated as a photographer. I am the visual dramaturgical adviser (if u can say so). So I won't just make nice pictures, but ask about the story and then find what fits. My goal is to stay entertaining - depending on the chosen stile. During work I like to commit to that stile, which does not mean that it can't change.

I find it irritating that filmmaking is so committed to what we know about "how it should be done" but not any longer to creativity and group based fun on certain self determined rules of works process.
So I would like first to know what we together think is entertaining - stick to that and shoot. Have fun with that.


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  • German (nativ)
  • English (advanced)
  • Norwegian (advanced)
  • Spanish (elementary)


  • 2006 - Film - ZEITräume - Friedrich Schönig - FH Dortmund
    dance-art movie, it is a dance videoclip in a former colemine
    Role in production: director, sound designer, editor.
  • 2007 - Film - unten - Ingo Monitor - KHM, Cologne, Germany
    a woman gets lost in the subway
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2008 - Film - Das zweite Paradies - Marina Klauser - KHM, Cologne, Germany
    Documentation about a nude comunity.
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2008 - Film - botenstoffe - Ingo Monitor - KHM, Cologne, Germany
    relationship for one by three
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2008 - Film - Eni - Ingo Monitor - KHM, Cologne, Germany
    Eni wants to grow up with his brother after her parents death.
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2008 - Theater - Trüffelschweine - Roland Spohr - Theater Oberhausen
    two girls keep each other captives in a van.
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2009 - Theater - Klimatalk - Neco Celik - Theater Oberhausen
    teenagers of the ghetto meet actors
    Role in production: cinematographer, editor.
  • 2009 - Theater - Die Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törless - Roland Spohr - Theater Oberhausen
    abuse and violence in a public school (residential school)
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2010 - Theater - Tschechows - Die drei Schwestern - Peter Carp - Theater Oberhausen
    shooting for the theater play, shooting in Vienna
    Role in production: cinematographer, editor.
  • 2010 - Film - Der Zauberregen - Klaus Knösel - Meradan
    a girl finds hope in the magic rain, a rain stronger than the danger that comes by cancer to our soul.
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2010 - Film - Monolith - Thorsten Kleinschmidt - KHM, Cologne, Germany
    if someone realy works - everybody gets silent to honnor that
    Role in production: cinematographer.
  • 2010 - Film - Leuchtfeuer - Friedrich Schönig - schoenigfilm
    an unspectacular meeting and a documantation of growing hope in such an encounter
    Role in production: director, cinematographer, editor.


  • 2000 - Rostocker Filmfest - Hexenladen
    "Die silberne Kopftrommel" (Kamerapreis)
  • 2006 - Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen - Zeiträume
    official selection
  • 2009 - Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen - Eni
    official selection
  • 2010 - Hofer Filmtage - Der Zauberregen
    official selection

Favorite film people

  1. Christopher Doyle (Cinematographer)
    like how he catches the mood of a scene
  2. Slavomir Idziak (Cinematographer)
    like how he creates new ways of visual reception through color
  3. Bruno Delbonnel (Cinematographer)
    like how he lights and creates gradients
  4. Mads Mikkelsen (Actor)
    his presence, his look
  5. Maggie Smith /actress (Actor)
    her britishnes - maybe its humor
  6. Michael Caine (Actor)
    presence - the way he lets the camera inside
  7. Lukas Moodysson (Director)
    he really wants to tell - that becomes so straight
  8. Conrad L. Hall (Cinematographer)
    the Edward Hopper in some of his work I like
  9. Roger Deakins (Cinematographer)
    wide shots are so dramatic

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