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Piotr Kubiak

Piotr Kubiak

Poland, Lodz
I was born in 1981 in Lodz, Poland. At the age of six, I began music lessons as a violinist. Years later, I graduated from the Music Academy of Lodz. Since then, I have become truly fascinated and passionate with the sound of music. For the past ten years, I have worked as a composer, producer, sound designer, and violinist. I have composed and produced a wide variety of musical styles, some of which have been broadcasted over Europe’s radio networks and other that have been televised worldwide. I offer a wide range of skills. Take the time to learn more about me as I invite you to listen to my portfolio at: www.piotrkubiak.pl
My private WWW site: www.piotrkubiak.pl


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My offer

  • Sound postproduction
    * Musical Composition for film, theater, television, video games, and more * Post production, sound editor, and mastering * Computer recordings of music based on a first-class sound library * Write and compose music for a variety of instruments (orchestra chamber, classical quartets, etc.) * Provide sound service for radio and TV advertisements * Open for a wide range of sound projects



  • Polish (nativ)
  • English (intermediate)


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Credits update: Blamball
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