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Adrian Robak

Adrian Robak aka Adek Robak

Poland, Chorzów
I was born in 1979 in Bytom. Studies were made of the composition under prof. Aleksander Lason in the Katowice Academy of Music, graduating in 2008 (with honors). I've studied music theory in parallel. During the course of the study was a two scholarships from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for outstanding academic performance. I'm a composer orchestral works, chamber and choral works. I also composed for films ("Days of my life" and "Blocks memory of Marian Kolodziej"), and my compositions have been performed at festivals in the country (for example, "Mikolow Music Days" in Mikolow) and abroad (for example, "Incontro Internazionale Citta di Fano Polifonico "in Italy).
The beginnings were focused on composing choral compositions, which is already half of the more than 40 compositions. Among the more important of these compositions are "Popule Meus" the a cappella choir (formed in 2005 and dedicated it to Henry Cierpiołowi ed.), a series of three song-prayers "Deprecatio Marialis" (004-2005), "Déjà vu - Symphony Concertante no I"(2007-2008), "Tantum ergo", for chorus a cappella (2008) String Quartet No. 1 (2008-2009) and "Silesia 1921" for orchestra&choir.
In 2007-2009 I was an accompanist, singer, and eventually an assistant director in the Katowice City Singers' Ensemble "Camerata Silesia". I collaborated with outstanding musicians and ensembles Polish scene (eg, the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, Poland) and European (eg, Wiener Symphoniker). I have performed in major concert halls in Poland (Warsaw Philharmonic), and in the world (eg, the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Lincoln Center - New York Philharmony in the U.S., Bregenzer Festspiele in Austria, Canterbury Cathedral in the UK).
I have a neat collection of achievements in studies and transcription. My score was performed including Grand Theatre in Poznan, and the audience was such as director David Lynch (on the occasion of the exhibition is happening-Fri "Hotel Landschaft").
I'm the author of "Family Tree of the Silesian Composers of the twentieth century" (unreleased). I'm also the founder of an informal group of "Leonardo" dealing with philosophy and other humanities-natural science.
I'm a member of the Polish Composers Union (ZKP, now in the structures of the Board of the Silesian branch) and the Association of Authors and Composers Performing (ZAiKS).
My private WWW site: www.silesiamusica.com




  1. Sobbing Silence no. 1, , >>
  2. Epilog, , >>
  3. Block of memory no.2, , >>
  4. Block of memory no.1, , >>
  5. Memories, , >>
    04.MM5 - Wspomnienia.mp3
  6. War, , >>
    03.MM4 - Wojna.mp3
  7. Zacisze 3 avenue, , >>
    02.MM2 - Zacisze 3.mp3
  8. Journey through life, , >>
    05.MM6 - Podroz przez zycie.mp3
  9. Family, , >>
    06.MM7 - Rodzina.mp3

My offer

  • Personal offers
    compositions in all styles and techniques of composition, original compositions and stylized, arranger, compositions from solo instrument to symphony orchestra, choir and vocal parts electronic compositions
  • Sound postproduction
    Professional team of sound editors working in Logic Pro and Pro Tools.
  • Other
    professionals prescribing notes and scores, the creation of scores from the soundtrack of the hearing training (edited in Sibelius)


  • Academy of Music in Katowice - The best university for composers , Poland , 2003-2008 , University of composers whose works end up winning composers competition and performed in major concert halls around the world. Graduated from the University such as the famous H.M. Gorecki, W. Kilar, A. Lason, E. Knapik, K. Zimmerman, J. Gembalski, J.W. Hawel.


  • Polish (nativ)
  • English (intermediate)
  • German (elementary)


  • 2008 - Film - Day of my life - G. Rosengerten - CHSRO
    Role in production: music suprevisor, arrangers.
  • 2009 - Film - Images from Memory Marian Kołodziej - G. Rosengarten - CHSRO
    Role in production: music suprevisor, arrangers, music editor.
  • 2012 - Film - Wolny's Mission - W. Szwiec - CSR
    Documentary movie about the Marshal of Silesia Konstanty Wolny, by which Silesia became a part of the Polish. Outstanding Polish Silesian and whose life has been interesting to a small extent shown in the film. http://www.wojciechszwiec.pl/2012/10/misja-wolnego-ukonczona.html http://www.konstantywolny.pl
    Role in production: composer, music suprevisor, arrangers.


  • 2011 - 90th Anniversary 3 Silesian Uprisings - II prize in the composers competition in Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice for scores "Silesia 1921"
    Prize sponsored by the Speaker of the Silesian province.

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