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Marek Dakowski

Marek Dakowski aka marek

Poland, Warszawa
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My name is Marek. I'm a cinematographer, but my artistic roots are based on drawing and painting experience. Ten years ago I decided to change brush into a tool with a digital sensor.
I work in different sorts of media, including film, photography, drawing, animation, but it's always about the rectangle I'm composing in.
I'm a person known for a grotesque sense of humor, but my mind is directed towards humanistic and spiritual aspects of life. If you can find that in my artwork, that gives me hope that I'm authentic in what I do.
Contact me! I like to meet and work with new people.


My private WWW site: www.marekdakowski.com

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Favorite film people

  1. Werner Herzog (Director)
    A humanist, asking important questions, making important movies. Although cinematography in his movies is not my favourite, I pay attention to the story, not wandering about "beautifu mastershots" or whatever...l
  2. Stanley Kubrick (Director)
    Classic, majestic, monumental, slow and long shots, beautiful cinematography, psychedelic atmosphere.

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