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Nora Wahls

Nora Wahls

Germany, Munich
I am an 26 years old actress and I finished my school (Otto Falckenberg Schule München) in July 2011. I played a lot of theatre (Münchner Kammerspiele) and now I also want to make movies. I played in a cinema movie last year.
I am interested in other people and new connections.


  1. At present I am playing theatre in Ingolstadt (Germany). My premiere is at 3.3.2012.
    (January 12, 2012)




  • German (nativ)
  • English (advanced)
  • French (elementary)


  • 2009 - Theater - räume räumen - Peter Licht - Kammerspiele München
  • 2009 - Theater - Süßer Vogel und so weiter - Frederik Tiden - Kammerspiele München
  • 2010 - Theater - Büchner`s brain und die Fische sterben ewig - Peter Kastenmüller - Kammerspiele München
  • 2011 - Film - Gibsy-Die Legende eines Boxers - Eike Besuden - pinguin productions
    Its a documentary-play film. It plays in 1933 and its about a sinto boxer and his german wife...

Favorite movies

  1. Das weiße Band (2010, Michael Haneke)
    The actors are brilliant, specially the children. And I love all movies by Haneke, he is one of my favourite directors.
  2. Funny games (Michael Haneke)

Favorite film people

  1. Meryl Streep (Actor)
  2. Charlotte Rampling (Actor)
  3. Sean Penn (Actor)
    He is brilliant. For example in "dead man walking"

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