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24MEDIA film production

24MEDIA film production aka 24MEDIA film production

Poland, Katowice
We are the group of professionals occupying itself with the film production for television or companies and institutions that desire to create their top quality image.

We are producing feature films, documentaries, commercial as our own production and co-productions as well. We can prepare production in all particulars: localizations, equipment, actors, set preparing and full postproduction.

Our company provides this sort of services on the highest technological level that is available today. We ensure the excellent quality of produced films and presentations, flexibility and adjustment to individual needs of the enterprise as well as very competitive prices in comparison with other offers available on the market.

24MEDIA ensures high visual and content-related quality of film realizations. We put a large emphasis on cooperating with a customer and their goals are our priority. Our asset is top quality technological solutions. We offer comprehensive solutions in range of production, postproduction and distribution.

We are working for small and big companies, many different institutions as well for televisions. Here`s our business offer, as a film agency we can deliver any type of audiovisual product for television, in-house using or other kinds of distribution you want.

Our team will prepare a complete project starting from substantive and visual concept. Our specialists adjust themselves to your needs and budget level. We are flexible to the customer's needs and preferences and do our best to think in customer's terms.

24 offers you a professional service both for projects executed comprehensively and cooperation in range of film equipment hire with the servicing as well as technical and content-related support.

We are south-Poland based company but we are working all over the Europe.
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