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  • English (intermediate)


  • 2012 - Film - Gniazdo - Magdalena Jaroszewicz - PWSFTviT, Mad Tree
    Film 15 min. Koprodukcja Mad Tree, PWSFTviT.
    Role in production: executive producer.
  • 2012 - Film - Zuza Zuza - Piotr Matysiak - PWSFTviT, Mad Tree
    15 min. Film koprodukowany przez moją firmę Mad Tree i szkołę PWSFTviT.
    Role in production: executive producer.

Favorite movies

  1. Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012, Benh Zeitlin)
    mixed genre, relates many problems .. is beautiful, a new way of telling stories
  2. Alphaville (1965, Godard)
    a mixed genres-fi and film noir is fantastic. about politics, love, and humanity. Great all ... and a symbol of Professor von Braun. Von Braun - Godard hit cleared and correctly. about photos - fantastic locations and this symmetry. Only in Paris could make a film like this.
  3. Vivre sa vie (1962, Godard)
    because dialogues were written by genius

Favorite film people

  1. Godard (Producer)
  2. Quentin Tarantino (Director)
  3. Fritz Lang (Director)
  4. Lew Kuleszow (Director)

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