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Z wykształcenia jestem filozofem, niemniej już na studiach rozpocząłem pracę jako fotograf. Po kilku latach wyjechałem do Nowego Jorku, gdzie kontynuowałem poznawanie świata fotograficznego w znacznie ambitniejszym profesjonalnym środowisku amerykańskiej metropolii. Po powrocie do Polski założyłem z kolegą House of Retouching, obecnie najlepiej znane polskie studio post produkcji fotograficznej. Przez ostatnie osiem w studio pracowałem nad projektami dla międzynarodowych klientów takich jak British Vogue, brytyjska rodzina królewska, Paramount czy Warner Bros. Od dwóch lat zacząłem znów aktywniej fotografować zawodowo głównie portretując polskie środowisko filmowe. Ponadto od tego czasu systematycznie szkole się na reżysera i piszę swój pierwszy fabularny scenariusz.


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  • 2013 - Television - Program Obowiązkowy/ Kino Polska - Radosław Chrześcijański - Katarzyna Dziuba
    Role in production: still photographer.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.facebook.com.
  • 2013 - Television - Prywatna Historia Kina - Radosław Chrześcijański - Katarzyna Dziuba
    Role in production: still photographer.
  • 2014 - Television - Kalejdoskop Polskiego Filmu - Radosław Chrześcijański - Katarzyna Dziuba
    Role in production: still photographer.
  • 2014 - Television - Kino Polska Muzyka - Rafał Freyer - Katarzyna Dziuba
    Role in production: still photographer.

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Favorite movies

  1. interstellar (2014, Christopher Nolan)
    It's probably one of the most moving films I have seen and one of the best movies about the spaces between family members, their emotions, barriers and responsibilities. Although it is a studio system production the visual effects did not dominate the picture, but helped accent the story line.
  2. Casablanca (1942, Michael Kurtiz)
    Why not?! It's one of those films which scores a top in every aspect. If I were to name one thing, which makes it so great I probably couldn't decide at first. Great cinematography, script, touching music, well thought through set design... no. It's Bogart's and Bergman's performance, which is the most significant for me.
  3. Sexmisja (1984, Juliusz Machulski)
    A good laugh is needed by everyone from time to time. A good and intelligent comedy is something very rare in polish cinema and this is the case. A brilliant joke of our former communist system.
  4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013, Martin Scorsese)
    Scorsese has a unique talent for portraying not only individual character, but societies and whole cultures. Although perversely greedy and unethical, this world reveals to us the dark side of human nature and at one point we come to accept it as ours. By showing the inner workings of the psychology of Jordan Belfort we come to sympathize with him and understand the evil which we also might come to do in certain circumstances. What I truly love about the Wolf is it's dynamic plot and Jordan's character which makes us want more every second of the movie.
  5. Star Wars (1977, George Lucas)
    Because this is the film which made me believe in the magic of cinema. On screen everything seemed possible and whole worlds came to life. Worlds in which I saw myself being as a child.
  6. Sól ziemi czarnej (1969, Kazimierz Kutz)
    Although placed in Silesia, it gives such a distinctly clear vision of polish patriotism, I can't find it anywhere else in this form. By doing this the characters seem saint like and yet fight, kill and then die. Life seems intense, but full of meaning.
  7. Auntie Mame (1958, Morton DaCosta)
    Rosalind Russell's character drives the action through the film giving her a new dimension every 15 minutes and yet keeping her always provocative, fresh and human. A brilliant comedy with a ton of social interplay mocking the rich and poor alike. The whole film takes place in a few sets shot on a soundstage and yet we don't miss the world for a second as our imagination is set to work through the genius dialog.
  8. Django (2012, Quentin Tarantino)
    Quentin at his best. A juicy story, beautifully shot by Robert Richardson. Although I am a fan of the visual esthetics of Tarantino's films in my opinion his dialogs and the performances he pulls out of actors are by far superior. Leonardo DiCaprio and the newly discovered Christoph Waltz steal the show.
  9. The intouchables (2011, Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano)
    Because it has so much positive energy it could make a rock laugh! Is it brilliant? Does it have an amazing storyline, plot, cinematography, sound.. no. It's a bit over the pro average probably, but still it has that magical touch which makes us feel better when we walk out of the cinema.
  10. The Shawshank Redemption (1994, Frank Darabont)
    For the story, the plot, the will to survive. For the opera singing soaring over the prison walls.
  11. Frantic (1988, Roman Polański)
    Tight plot, wonderful performance of the leading actors, the feeling of despair mixed with the will to fight.

Favorite film people

  1. Walter Murch (Editor)
    His montage skills have proved to produce the finest films in history, yet this knowledge he was able to analyze, articulate and pass on in his book "In the blink of an eye". His concepts of montage give an amazing insight into how we perceive films in our stream of consciousness. On the other hand his sound design concepts are among the most eye opening and should be certainly tough to all film students.
  2. Alfred Hitchcock (Director)
    If I were to name one person for whom playing the audience was an inherent ability and a way of creating a film, it would certainly be Hitchcock. His ease of manipulating the viewer to feel what he wants him to feel at a certain moment is a precious, but very rare talent.
  3. Wojciech Kilar (Composer)
    As to me he created the very best of sound tracks and classic modern compositions and yet remained true to himself.
  4. Stanley Kubrick (Director)
    For his unique cinematic language; a strong emphasis on the visual and the topics which he had the courage to tackle.
  5. Robin Williams (Actor)
    For his crazy sense of humor flavored with self doubt and an amazing ability to peer through the imperfections and insecurities of other people.

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