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Kasia Lewińska

Kasia Lewińska aka kasia

Poland, Poznań
I am film lover and aspiring to be a movie director. I was learning through two amateurish mocuments I shooted and I want to learn much more. I am hardworking and very determinated. I'm looking for fundings for my feature movie.
My biggest movie dream is to shoot ,,One hundred years of solitude" one day. In the free time I like to draw and listen to music. I wish to travel more.


My offer


  • ASP in Warsaw , Poland , 2015-2020 , I've been at lots of workshops, studied astronomy and chemistry and at asp, which is art university i'll be learning wideo.


  • Polish (nativ)
  • French (intermediate)
  • English (intermediate)


  • 2014 - Video - Babcia, dziadek, zapałki - Katarzyna Lewińska - Katarzyna Lewińska
    Happening z udziałem moich dziadków, którzy wyrwani z szarej codzienności biorą udział w tworzeniu ogniowej instalacji, którą następnie wspólnie podpalają.
    Role in production: producer, director, cinematographer, editor.
  • 2015 - Video - Romeo i Julia - Katarzyna Lewińska - Katarzyna Lewińska
    The movie is a video registration of emotions of old couple reading same sceen from Shakespeare ,,Romeo and Juliet" again and again during 5 months.
    Role in production: producer, director, cinematographer, editor.
  • 2015 - Film - Strzyga - Kamil Krukowski - Marcin Kulczycki
    Dyplom łódzkiej filmówki. Pracowałam technicznie. Robiłam script i klapsowałam. Film miał dużo efektów charakteryzatorskich i kaskaderskich. Pojawił się także pirotechnik i tresowany psiak. Obecnie jest w fazie postprodukcji.
    Role in production: script supervisor.

Favorite movies

  1. Caravaggio (1986, Derek Jarman)
    Simply beautiful pictures which are telling a story which is actually in some way a definition of Carravagio's painting.
  2. Frank (2014, Lenny Abrahamson)
    Cause I couldnt decide if I rather want to cry or to laugh. as they say- its the best way to say the truth, to make people laugh.
  3. Down by law (1986, Jim Jarmush)
    Cause nothing is more real than absurdity, right?
  4. Memento (2000, Christopher Nolan)
    Cause it feeded my brain for long.
  5. Fightclub (David Fincher)
    Perfect roles, perfect rythme, dialogues I want to quote. Funny and disturbing at same time. And a little of absurd which is always nice;).
  6. Io sono l'amore (2009, Luca Gudagnino)
    Because it is so sensual that u can feel the story in your body. The story is minimalistic and exploding with emotions at the same time. And because of Tilda Swinton.
  7. The best offer (2013, Giuseppe Tornatore)
    Sensula, moving, stayed with me for longer.
  8. Howl's moving castle (2004, Hayao Miyazaki)
    Charming, sweet story. Full of humour and moving. Great drawings, this castle is just amazing!
  9. Godfather II (1974, FF Coppola)
    I love the sceen on Cuba in the bar, where Michael understands that its Fredo who betrayed him -so smooth! And the whole building position by Michael, when he screams this ,,In my house?! Where my childrens sleeps?!!"... So perfect. I also like part I (specially in front of hospital when he burns the cigaret to baker Enzo (i guess) and they pretend to be guards and Enzo is shaking. And part III i like too:).
  10. The girl with a perl earring (2003, Peter Webber)
    Pictures!!! Eduardo Serra is my dream director to the movie im working on;).
  11. Constantine (2005, Francis Lawrence)
  12. Lust, caution (2007, Ang Lee)
  13. In the mood for love (2000, Kar Wai Wong)
    Cause its very sensual while being acctually very minimalistic.

Favorite film people

  1. Tilda Swinton (Actor)
    She is real and courageous actress. She seems to be untouched by any stupid sociaty conventions, pure.
  2. James Dean (Actor)

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