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Rafał Małecki

Rafał Małecki aka RAF

Poland, Kraków
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I'm an editor by profession. Documentaries and feature films are of my interest. I'm directing also my own film projects at times. The quality cinema must be based on details in every inch of the production proces. I like good narration and emotional stories. I try to adhere to the principle that the viewer is always more important than the director's own ego.
My private WWW site: http://moviematic.pl/


  1. A bit of my last production. How to make your film look good....
    (January 13, 2017)
  2. A few film projects are under way. I'm editing a documentary on Auschwitz now. Here's a production still.
    (September 2, 2015)



My offer

  • Editing equipment + services
    I'm open to cooperate with filmmakers as an editor. I'm basically interested in feature and documentary films. I work in English, Dutch and Polish.



  • Polish (nativ)
  • English (advanced)
  • Dutch (advanced)
  • French (intermediate)


  • 2014 - Video - Aga Zaryan - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Jan Wierzejski - Jan Wierzejski Productions
    "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" from "Remembering Nina & Abbey" a tribute album to Nina Simone and Abbey Lincoln by Aga Zaryan Aga Zaryan - voc Geri Allen - piano Larry Koonse - git Darek Oleszkiewicz - bass Brian Blade - dr Carol Robbins - harp http://www.zaryan.com/ https://www.facebook.com/AGAZARYANOFF... Produced by Aga Zaryan Recorded by Rich Breen @ Conway Recording Studios, Hollywood Mixed and Masterd by Jacek Gawlowski / JG Master Lab / iMix studio Centrala / Warner Music Poland Directed by: Jan Wierzejski Assistant director: Paweł Włazewicz Cinematography: Jan Wierzejski/Paweł Włazewicz Make up: Barbara Wojas Editor: Rafał Małecki Color correction: Jakub Bujas Produced by: Jan Wierzejski Productions
    Role in production: editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: jazzsoul.pl. www.youtube.com. jazzforum.com.pl. axunarts.wordpress.com.
  • 2015 - Film - Raj na ziemi (PARADISE ON EARTH) - Cecylia Malik - Akademia Multi Art
    The film is an intimate record of a two-year friendship between Cecylia Malik, the film director and an artist from Krakow, and a homeless couple. The relationship started when Artur and Iwona invited the director to their wedding after which they continued to exchange experiences. The couple in love reveals a different world to the author, the city’s image she has not known so far, while the director invites the protagonists to participate in one of her artistic projects.
    Role in production: script consultant, editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.filmpolski.pl. www.krytykapolityczna.pl. audycje.tokfm.pl. kulturaliberalna.pl.
  • 2016 - Film - Mój czas (My Time) - Jan Wierzejski - Jan Wierzejski
    The film is about love for running. It tells the story of Magda Łączak, a well-known long distance race runner and her important victories. As it seems what matters is perseverence and the will to win and it concerns not only sports.
    Role in production: editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.facebook.com.
  • 2016 - Film - Skorupki: film o szczęściu (Shells: the film about happiness) - Michał Turlewicz - Michał Turlewicz
    The story of a couple of young students who incidentally found themselves in a similar situation in life. Surrounded by unreal world of palmtrees and snails they seem to discover their own way. In the Short Film Competition of Gdynia Film Festival 2016
    Role in production: script consultant, editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.facebook.com.
  • 2016 - Television - Jazda z Andrzejem Bachledą - Andrzej Bachleda Curuś - Telewizja Polsat Play Sp. z o.o.
    Program poradnikowy dla narciarzy. Sezon 2016/2017
    Role in production: editor.
    Reviews on the Internet: www.ipla.tv.


  • 2014 - I Prize granted by the International Organisation for Migration - NAZYWAM SIĘ CRODAD (MY NAME IS CRODAD)
    The documentary about Christopher B. Gray, an American living in Poland and protesting against comercialism. Film presented during the Planete+ Doc dir/camera/edit: Rafał Małecki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-MulutAQuY
  • 2014 - I Prize at the OFF PLUS CAMERA Festival (Bierzcie i kręćcie) - MARLENA
    The contest "Bierzcie i Kręćcie", organized under the patronage of the festival since 2008. The film "Marlena" was developed and shot by the students of AMA FILM SCHOOL. It won in the Internet vote and eventually was awarded a main prize by the jury winning 9.000 PLN. dir: Rafał Małecki prod: Sonia Mnich camera: Rafał Małecki line-producer: Cecylia Malik assistant of the director: Zbigniew Zon cast: Natalia Łodygowska and Jakub Izdebski http://www.bierzcieikreccie.com/contests/application_details/1226
  • 2014 - Honorable Mention in the competition organised by MOCAK (The Museum of Contemporarty Art in Krakow) - ZBRODNIA W SZTUCE (CRIME IN ART)
    A short documentary about the exibition CRIME IN ART held in MOCAK dir/camera/edit: Rafał Małecki camera: Rafał Pogoda
  • 2015 - Selection to the National Competitiom of the Krakow Film Festival - RAJ NA ZIEMI (PARADISE ON EARTH)
    A film nominated to the national competition of the Krakow Film Festival. dir: Cecylia Malik camera: Cecylia Malik, Piotr Pawlus edit: Rafał Małecki http://akademiamultiart.pl/raj-na-ziemi/
  • 2016 - Audience Award/Honorable Mention of Krakow Mountain Festival Kraków - MóJ CZAS (MY TIME)
    dir. Jan Wierzejski
  • 2016 - Audience Award of Mountain Film Festival LĄDEK ZDRÓJ - MÓJ CZAS (MY TIME)
    dir. Jan Wierzejski
  • 2016 - Selection to the Short Film Competition of Gdynia Film Festival - SKORUPKI: FILM O SZCZĘŚCIU (SHELLS: THE FILM ABOUT HAPPINESS)
    dir. Michał Turlewicz

Favorite movies

  1. Czerwone sorgo (Hong gao liang) (1987, Yimou Zhang)
    a very simple universal story told by chinese cultural code, very appealling
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, Michael Gondry)
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968, Stanley Kubrick)
  4. Solaris (2002, Steven Soderbergh)
    nicely made
  5. Run Lola Run (1998, Tom Tykwer)
    just perfect
  6. White God (2014, Kornél Mundruczó)
    simple & beautiful hungarian story, local and universal at the same time
  7. Belle de jour (1967, Luis Buñuel)
    strange, provokative and sensual
  8. The Great Beauty (2013, Paolo Sorrentino)
    decadence surrounded by Italian beauty
  9. Le grand bleu (1988, Luc Besson)
    genuine story, classic

Favorite film people

  1. Tom Tykwer (Director)
    I like his kaleidoscopic type of storytelling. Great directing, superb stories, perfect picture, dynamic narration.
  2. David Fincher (Director)
    Great topics, details. Superb cinema.
  3. Woody Allen (Director)
    Brilliant ideas and thinking and good dialogues in his films
  4. Meryl Streep (Actor)
    multifaceted kind of person
  5. Jarosław Barzan (Editor)
    an artist of edition

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