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"what has happend what...?"trailer

"what has happend what...?"trailer, 
2007, Fiction 
short, grotesque and funny(?) comment about polish reality...you can laugh or you can take a while and think
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Katarzyna Górska aka kate_grunge

Poland, Katowice
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Hi Everyone !
My name is Kate and I'm from Poland (Silesia). My film adventure began 4 years ago. Now I'm on culture studies (University of Silesia) but my biggest dream is to become a director (first of all to get a Film School).I work with my friends from Zawiercie Film Club (we created it 4 years ago).We produce low-budgeted short films. Since now we made 5 films and many documentry materials. I represent our Film Club and would like to find people who love filmmaking. Now I'm working on script. If you're intrested in details please contact me.

I ask You to comment our film. Especially I'm interested in your opinion about technical things. It'll really help me.Thanks!