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A little script I wrote some years ago at a workshop. In German! About a guy who is entranced by a ghoul witch. Would need some special effects, make up, set design, props, locations... Probably expensive to make.
Get source file: Drehbuch COMPULSION mit Font.pdf
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Dave Lojek aka glamorf

Germany, Berlin
Dave was born in East-Berlin in 1975.
He received his master's degree in English / American and Cultural Studies from Humboldt-University Berlin with honors.
As independent filmmaker he works in many genres. As critic he travels to festivals and watches hundreds of features and thousands of shorts.
Dave organizes annual film workshops called KinoKabarets.
He was elected president of a Berlin Film Association in 2012 and is a member of Germany's biggest Film Organization.
Being a poet and author he also teaches at creative-writing workshops for young people.
Dave’s multimedia works have been published in numerous journals, anthologies, on DVDs and online. His ca. 80 films are broadcast.

Find the filmography, list of awards and festivals here:
My private WWW site: http://www.apeiron-films.de