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2007, Fiction 
A boy realizes how much windows and the world it represents entered his life.
Director, Script and cinematography
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Ferit Katipoglu aka director_v1.09

Turkey, Istanbul
6th Semester Photography and Video Student from Istanbul.

I made 4 Short Films. 2 Of them screened one got me an award. Im still learning and hungry for cinema.

I have 35mm adapter with a Canon XM2 and some basic lighthing equipment.

I worked on festivals as photographer, internship in media comm firm, also a co-worker of castyourart.com podcast site.

I dont have such ego stuff i can work and help at any level of the project (as second operator as the clean around guy ;) so feel free to ask for help if i get convinced about your scenario and project i will gladly help , if enough serious i might even come to europe :)

The main thing im looking for is to do something and learn get experience and more.

Im not interested in money we are no rich guys we need each other more.We need producing!