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Werter bulski aka Werter

Actor  Actor 
Poland, Warsaw

Experience : movies and theatre
Mariusz Bulski


Working Experience:

2005 – prison guard in the artistic film”repetition” directed by Artur Żmijewsk.

The film was made of the repetition of Standford prison experience conducted by Prof. Philip Zimbardo in 1971. “Repetition” received international prize.
2005 Kolonia Germany the best artistic film.
The film was shown in the following international festivals:

2005 Venice Italy 51th International Festival in Venice
2006 Poland Festival of New Era

2006National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 2006 Watch Dog festival

Stockholm Festival

2008 Film Festival in Kijow

2005 – security guard in the film of “ Oda to happiness” directed by Jana Komasy

2006- American officer in the film of “ Dywersant II” (Russian Production) directed by Igora Zajcewa

2007- Detective in the film of “Popiełuszko” directed by Rafał Wieczyński


2005 – Script writer in the film of „Sleeplessness” directed by Łukasz Chojecki http://film.onet.pl/zwiastuny/11112,2225634,274,filmy.html

2008 - Berus( the main role) in the film of Dominikana directed by Jakub Kędziorek http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmZ5ZHZHm24

2008 - Stanisław(the main role) in the film of „ Holy Day” directed by Łukasz Chojecki http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D34w_H-HawA

2008 – prison guard in the film of „Don’t be afraid in the dark room.” Directed by Kuba Czekaj


2008 Mr. Kowalski in „Plebania” directed by Wojciech Solarza
2007- Officer ABW in „ Law of City” directed by Krzysztof Langa
2007- Officer of anti-terrorists team in „ Ekipa” directed by Agnieszki Holand Magdaleny
2006 – Frodo in „Exam of Life” directed by Filip Zylber

2006 – Prison guard in „Officers” directed by Maciej Dejczer
2006 – Sad Actor in the TV documentary „Marriage Match Office”
2005 – Male nurse in „ Broken-heart Hospital ” directed by Leszk Wosiewicz

2006 „ I am bad”http://muzyka.interia.pl/teledyski/tele...,30852
2005 – „ The Fake Lover” http://www.patrycja.pl/pat/multimedia...


2008 guest of “Talkshow for Ewa Drzyzg” for the topie of “Intercultural couple”


2008 Reading of actors’ groups directed by Bogna Podbielska, Warsaw Uprising Museum
2007 – Doctor, „ Fedry’s love” directed by Julia Pawłowsk, Teatr Polonia
2005 – Parys „Romeo i Julii” directed by Mariana Mahora;
2005 – Soliders „King Richard II” directed by Andrzej Seweryn National Teatre in Warsaw
2008 project organizer of Exhition of Christmas Ornaments in the bookstore „Traffic-club”

1999-2003 - Ludwik Solski Art Academy in Craków.
1998-1999 - Warsaw Art Academy
1997-1998 - L’art Studio Craków.
1991-1995 - Juliusz Słowackw nr 1 High school in Częstochowa , Poland
Language skills:
English- Very good
Mandarian – Basic
Other Skills: Dancing, Judo, horse-riding