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Katia Paliwoda aka katiusza

Poland, Warsaw
I graduate National Theater School in Wratislavia
I've also studied Ethnography and Cultural Anthropology at the Warsaw University.
Now I’m working and living in my family city, Warsaw.
I've collaborated with institutional theatres such as the National Theatre in Warsaw, The Wytwornia Theatre in Warsaw as well as the Słowacki Theatre in Cracow and C.K.Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra.
I've also collaborated with independent and experimental theatres.
I acted in short films and student etudes presented during festivals in Poland and overseas.
I enjoy working with young directors beacuse it gives a chance to learn from each other and to exchange ideas freely.
I've also acted in several TV serials.
I collaborate with the Polish Radio Theatre, where during preparation of radio plays based on dramatic texts as well as book adaptations I've got an opportunity to work with great theatre directors and experienced actors.
I also develop my skills participating in professional theatre workshops.
I write screenplays of TV programmes and TV serials.
I also write film scripts which hopefully shall soon see the daylight.
I am preparing to shoot a documentary based on an own script concerning the topic of "the second youth".
Maybe one day basing on the example of Agnes Jaoui or Julie Delpy I shall write, direct and play in a movie of my own.
If I could travel in time and become whoever I'd like - I'd become Fellini's assistant!
My private WWW site: www.myspace.com/katiusza