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Mateusz Lewczuk aka dr.Plama

Poland, Cracow
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Hi my name is Mateusz.
Generally I am a director and scriptwriter
at work with my films, but not only.
I am also interesting in work with camera, editing,
and makeing storyboards.I used to use my plastic
skills to support film productions, especially in makeing a scenography. Next to film interests, plenty of my time takes painting, makeing a comics or sculpture. During my realisations Ive
met people who has their own point
of view for a creation questions, and can
respect a different opinion. Many times,I convince,
it was development engine for me and for them;)


"Poems thiefs" - workshop with Janusz Kondratiuk and Mariusz Wilczyński follow in the wake of film festival named "Set on a poem" in Wrocław.

Experiences with film:

2006 - second award for the film entitled "Zmysły"in Orange Factor Film Festival.
2006 Co-operation with Mieczysław Święcicki - an actor related with Piwnica pod Baranami in my author's film
entitled "Bezlik". Project is filmed on blue box, but till now edition is not finished because of technical problems.
2008 - trailer announce a book entitled "Południk 21".
Film with the same title as a book is made for Cracow publishing house named Wydawnictwo Literackie.

Available here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODwzfgOcHCo

2009 - classification to a final of a contest named "Set on a poem" in Wrocław by the film entitled "Krew"
2009 - classification to a strict final of a contest named "Rebel without a cause" by the film entitled
"Pantyhose" or "Rajstopy"- in polish. (every member of a contest had to inspire of Marek Hłasko prose).

Available here:
http://millionyou.com/konkursy/Buntownik+bez+powodu,filmy,11,0,,3.html# movieId=1793

2009 - contribution as na operator in promotion film entitled "What's happened here?"

Available here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5B7Wlo0XGg

2009 - favouritism award for the film entitled "Krew"
in Orange Factor Film Festival.
Nowadays, I working on my latest, black and white film entitled "Beautiful Autumn day"

2012 - participation in Film Spring Open Workshops.
I ve been a member of a filmmakers group called "Old Man" where I ve tryed my forces as a producer:)

2013 - I ve create a film for opening day of
an exhibition entitled "Różewicz ReAkcje".
It was quasi-documentary movie based
on my memories of a meeting with polish
known filmmaker, Stanisław Różewicz in
Radomsko 2008.