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Drama of the Church

Drama of the Church, 
Strings and horns recorded in Prague with added electronics
Get source file: 16_drama_of_the_church.mp3
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Toni Martin Dobrzanski

Denmark, Copenhagen N.
Film composer and owner of SoundComposer. Has a
background as a pianist in classical and popular
music and as a guitarist in different bands.

Master of Arts in musicology from University of
Copenhagen with speciality in composition and
film & media science as optional subject.

Educated in film music under the Pacific
Northwest Film Scoring Program led by the
American film composer Hummie Mann. Has
been working with music, sound and video for
many years.

Co-founder and vice-president of
Unge Filmkomponister (Young Danish Film

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I'd like to work on film or documentary productions outside my own country!! :-) Be it France, Germany, Poland, USA, Australia or anything else.
My private WWW site: www.soundcomposer.dk