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take our creativity with you

take our creativity with you, 
2011, Fiction 
ad spot for a marketing department at a big corporation low budget, 1 shooting day.
Get source file: Kopia06b.mp4
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aleksandra wojtaszek aka touchfilms

Poland, Wrocław
touchfilms is a dynamic production company looking for new film languages exploring various media. We are currently developing music and archive-driven documentaries, reportage series and a transmedia project. touchfilms/ Aleksandra Wojtaszek has experience and provides services in: news coverage & promos production, rights clearance, sales representation, local production services & more. References: Kino Polska TV, TVP Kultura, Arte, Wajda School, Atmo, Yeti Films, Graniza.
touchfilms LIKEs films + music + talents + ideas + hard work !
My private WWW site: www.touchfilms.pl