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Making-of Film Spring Open-Air 2011 (3D Workshops) - English subtitles

Making-of Film Spring Open-Air 2011 (3D Workshops) - English subtitles, 
2011, Dokument 
Film Spring Open-Air has been gradually growing for 6 years now. Participants MAKE films then watch and discuss what they produce, like OpenAir for painters. It all started in Jurata, at Hel Peninsula in 2005 with a small workshop for 15 people. In 2008 it was attended by 45-50 filmmakers as compared to 2009 around 100 participants of Sweden, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. In 2011 we have reported over 200 visitors for Film Spring Open-Air and 3D Workshops (from many European countries like Bosnia, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, UK). Why is it worth being with us? 3D Workshops and building 3D tools We invite outstanding professionals as lecturers. We can confidently say that they are pioneers of stereoscopic production in Europe and their technological solutions are presented at the 3D Workshops, where participants actively work on shooting plans, take part in practical classes with cameras and 3D Riggs and co-direct 3D clips. Film Spring team of Slawomir Idziak Young filmmakers and participants Film Spring Open-Air were invited to work with Slawomir Idziak on the shooting plan for "The Battle of Warsaw 1920" (in 3D), where their work has been noticed by the German director Detlev Buck. Currently they are working on the set of Detlev Buck’s latest film, "Measuring the World" (in 3D). In 2012, they will surely come with new ideas for filming in 3D. 3D for the poor A convenient myth for large corporations is misinformation about the high cost of 3D film production. This is not true and we want to prove it in practice. (3D does not stand for... dollars, dollars, dollars) At 3D Workshop we show cheap 3D Rigs and work flow that we will test together. What they all have in common is the low price but at the same time high quality of 3D image captured. We are very please to get to know that since 2011 Workshops our participants have taken their efforts to make 3D films. Film Spring Family – FilmSpringers Our experience from previous editions have taught us that those relationships, which start at Film Spring will continue throughout your professional career. Many people who met each other at Film Spring now work on their professional projects, which is a true phenomenon of our project. Join us! Film Spring Open Team news@filmspringopen.eu filmspringopen.eu facebook.com/filmspringopen.eu vimeo.com/filmspringopen
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Małgorzata Tusk aka Gosia Tusk

Poland, Gdańsk
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Malgorzata Tusk aka Gosia Tusk, Producer.

Gosia Tusk has worked for Sławomir Idziak in Film Spring Open Foundation for 4 years. She ran 4 consecutive editions 2011-2014 of Film Spring Open Air, interdisciplinary training program for young emerging artists, which aim is to provide continuous training to follow the technological advancement and the future of audiovisual industry. A place that educated next generation of filmmakers through collaboration of creative groups making their audiovisual projects, lectures of award-winning professionals and hands-on tests of new technologies (2D/3D, interactive dramaturgy, Game Jam, CGI, digital postproduction etc.) Since her contribution in 2011, the amount of equipment, as well as the number of invited speakers and attending participants has increased fourfold.

She is scouting for feature film projects of debuting artists to be produced in a future-oriented model of film production dedicated to young emerging filmmakers that Film Spring Open introduced according to their principle "learning through working".

Law graduate with experience in production, sales and marketing with fluency in English, Spanish and Polish. She follows her instincts and never gives up to fight for a great project, always thinks positively to expect the best. Favourite quote: "Preparation with opportunity generates what people call luck".