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"The Event" movie teaser

"The Event" movie teaser 
Dancers: Adelene Stanley Bartek Woszczyński
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Izabela Borowska aka Isabel

Poland, Warsaw
Filmmaker, director and writer.

My screenplays have received awards in New York City, Los Angeles and Vail, Colorado.

As a music school graduate I joins in my projects various arts presenting a new type of film expression, creating original stories that cross the borders of movie genres. Most of my screenplays are multidimensional stories written in a non-linear narrative structure, where real and fantasy worlds alternate in the story plot and are arranged unchronologically.

I participated in many international film workshops, including: “Compelling Live Video” (Broadcast Pix), “Mastering S3DCampus from Development and Shooting to Broadcast” (S3D Campus), “Effective Film Directing, VFX” (Platige Image Studio), "MasterClass" (Warsaw Film School), and seminars at the Camerimage International Film Festival and the Warsaw Film Festival. I also participated in numerous scriptwriting workshops conducted by: Syd Field, Christopher Vogler, Linda Aronson, Oliver Shutte, Alessandra Pilar, Helen Jacey, Stephen Cleary. In 2014 I completed the online screenplay course “The Future of Storytelling” at The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam.

Find more on my official website: