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Founded in 2008 by Barbara KURZAJ and Florent PALLARES, the YOUNG EUROPEAN FILMMAKERS become in 2012, The RED EYES COOL.

They have worked with filmmakers from different countries; Australia, Canada, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Poland, Spain and United States of America. Barbara is a Polish woman and Florent a French Catalan man. They try to communicate in a Polish/French/English. Sometime, it’s very interesting… Sometime not…

They try to share their experience and create a combination of their brains in order to make movies like a rock band. They don’t take drug but they love to eat paluszki.

There are some legends about the name Red Eyes Cool. Maybe they find cool to shoot with two cameras, two red eyes in the dark… Maybe their eyes are red because they work too much like small animals or they love put inside some paluszki and they find it cool… Maybe they have a secret passion for the albinos or they love crying all the the time… Maybe it’s just because they love Red Ices, this combination between fire and ice, between the hot and the cold, the red and the white… Or maybe they are communist agents from a Red High School created by Karl Marx himself… It’s perhaps a combination of all these reasons… But in reality, nobody knows the true…

We only know that this group is a kind of laboratory, where they try to solve all problems of 3 steps of creation (script-writing, shooting and editing) with a positive way of thinking. Their favorite quote is from John Lennon : “there’s no problem, only solution”. In this spirit, all their problems become a game and believe me, they love to play.

The majority of their movies is directed in Poland during FILM SPRING OPEN because is a great place and Slawomir IDZIAK their great friend ;)
My private WWW site: http://redeyescool.org