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48hrs of love and madness

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48hrs of love and madness  
yup I was asked to help with a 48hrs team in Cape Town on spring day we shot anamorphic on 5dmk3 cameras here are some images sadly we bit of more than we could chew and missed the deadline we have the making of a great short film
Producer Co-Director Dop
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warrick mcleod aka immortalimages

South Africa, cape town
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I am a fine artist turned cinematographer
20 years film indusrty experieance in cape town south africa
I am freelance , love the team work that is film making , always wanting to test and experiment to further my film making experience
I have had the fantastic oppertunity to have worked with Slawomir Idziak on the making of Suez Energy ij southern africa
i look forward to participating in this community
My private WWW site: warrickmcleod.com