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Przemyslaw Goc | Filmography

Przemyslaw Goc aka - AINU -

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- AINU - is one of the leading artists , multi-instrumentalists ; music producers in the domain of world beat , ethnic electronic music in the world.

His artistic output consists of 11 CDs, 10 art videoclips, 8 applications for iPhone/iPad , 1500 concerts in Poland other European countries ; self-made multimedia website: http://www.ainu.net

AINU (Przemyslaw Goc) was born in 1967 in Poland. He started off in the blues scene, but as a sound engineer in the Poznan radio station he got so many musical impulses that he started with the realization of electronic suites and etudes. In 1988 Goc presented his first compositions "Anatomy of sin" which is a good example of his musically fresh contribution to the electronic music scene in Poland.

Since 1997 he has experimented with music from all over the world, combining electronic synthesizers and rhythm samplers with sounds of nature and ethnic instruments like: flutes, pan-pipe, quena and vocalizations, creating an unusual atmosphere. Also during his magical concerts live full of colorful lights, smokes and unique sounds.

AINU has created 8 art videoclips. The videoclip "Tisbia'" was nominated on "Yach Film Festival" Gdynia 2002 in the "New energy" category.

The year 2000 was a turn in his art creation, He changed his art name from "Titilo" (meaning a "little way" in Kechoa Indian language) for Ainu (meaning the first man in the world history who has made pictures in caves). Ainu is not only a new original art image but it is also a new media image connected with videoclips.

He is also a creator of new musical instruments, unknown before, like a harp cast in bronze in an eagle shape or metal pan-flutes in Ainu's tune.

His passion is also photography. He took part in many exhibitions; granted in 1997 in Poznań for "Faces". He also took photos for his videoclips by himself.

Discography:: Inside (1992), Titilo (1995), Martini (1997), Welele (1998), Earth'2000 (2000), Ainu (2002), MultiCultiKanti (2005), Save Tibet (2008) , RaRoTonga (2010) , 7 Days in Georgia (2011) , QaraQorum (2013) , The Last Warriors (2014)
My private WWW site: www.ainu.pl

Movies - Filmography

  • - AINU - Earth'2000
    2000, Dokument
    - AINU - Earth'2000 - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Indian Summer
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - Indian Summer - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Chenini
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - Chenini - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Tisbia
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - Tisbia - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Navajo Rituals
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - Navajo Rituals - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - My City
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - My City - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Voice of Forest
    2000, Fikcja
    - AINU - Voice of Forest - www.ainu.net
  • - AINU - Tiger Temple
    2013, Dokument
    - AINU - Tiger Temple - copyright'2013 - AINU - world music - www.ainu.net / music & composition , video capture & montage all made by - AINU - www.ainu.pl / Monk voices & video capture was recorded live in Tiger Temple Thailand '2013 /

    - As different as fire and water, a night and day, a human and nature, yet living in harmony ... - AINU -

    We were dreaming about the mysterious place where Buddhist monks and tigers live together in peace and harmony. Finally our dream has come true. We came to The Tiger Temple in Thailand.
    We took some photos and AINU recorded the Buddhist Monks chanting there. He captured video, too. Then he composed music and made the artistic videoclip. You can watch the result now. Enjoy ! - Agnes
  • - AINU - Kayan Mist
    2013, Dokument
    - AINU - with a singer Ma Play - from Long Neck Kayan Village ' Video captured , and music recorded by - AINU - Thailand'2013 Karen Long Neck Village, Mae Hong Son Song from album - AINU - "QaraQorum" vol.11 2014 copyright'2014 - AINU - world music - www.ainu.net