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Tomek Liszkowski | Filmography

Tomek Liszkowski aka Martin Winged

Poland, Kraków
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I was born in 1994. I started my adventure with filmmaking when I was 10 - I made my first short video from a video game I played a lot. I enjoyed it's production so much that since then I regularly made more and more videos for me and my friends. This is when my nickname was born. A couple years later me and my friends created a video editing group (which unfortunately has not survived a long time due to my break). Then I received my first SLR camera and fell in love in photography. I made many great photos, joined photography club and won some photographic competitions. Meanwhile I started my adventure with 2D and 3D graphics and started making some CGI illustrations. In 2013 I encountered an offer to work as a video editor in a small film agency - which I immediately accepted. And till this day I spend my days on making mainly documentary films. Recently I started to work as a camera operator and I find this job very challenging. Beside filmmaking I share my interests in programming and mathematics which I'm planning to combine with my passion of being visual artist.
My private WWW site: https://500px.com/MartinWinged

Movies - Filmography

  • Poliforma - Windą do kultury
    2014, Documentary
    Video Editor
    A short video advertising Poliforma X - Cracow review of stage forms.d
    Edited mainly in Adobe After Effects.
  • War is *not* for everyone
    2011, Fiction
    Video and Photo Editor
    A short speedart video made for my friend.
  • Dzwony Pojednania - Trailer
    2015, Documentary
    Video Editor
    Trailer to a short documentary movie I've edited.